The Word Among Us

2018 Partners Challenge Match Appeal

We have set a goal of $1 million for our 2018 Challenge Match Appeal. To help us reach this goal, a group of generous donors will match your 2018 gift. Every pledge or donation of $100 or more will be doubled. Please partner with us and bring God's love to people in need.

To become a Lead Partner, please donate or pledge from the giving circles below. 

Lead Partners Giving Circles



Faith, Hope, and Love Circle



Apostle of the Lord Circle



Servants of God Circle



New Evangelization Circle



Missionary Disciple Circle



Cornerstone Circle



Ambassador for Christ Circle



Partners Goals for 2018

1. To set hearts on fire in Catholic parishes.

The Word Among Us already serves 5,000 Catholic parishes in the US. In 2018, we will provide The Word Among Us, other faith-building resources, and small group study guides free of charge to thousands more Catholics—especially those in high-poverty parishes. 

2. To create a lifeline of faith to our children and grandchildren on college campuses.

College students often live in a culture adverse to their Catholic faith. In 2018, we plan to create The Word Among Us College Edition and provide free magazines to 15,000 Catholics students on college campuses. We will offer digital copies of The Word Among Us College Edition to any student who wants it.

3. To reach every person serving in the military. 

Using the latest technology, we will offer free, unlimited access to our digital edition to veterans, active service men and women throughout the world, and their spouses. We will continue to provide 30,000 military personnel with their own print copy of The Word Among Us.

4. To continue to speak a message of compassion for all human life. 

Through the gift of The Word Among Us and After Abortion, we will continue to change the lives of tens of thousands of women in pregnancy care centers and Project Rachel ministries. 

5. To bring the good news of Jesus Christ into every prison in our country. 

Partners already brings hope to 46,000 Catholic inmates every day through The Word Among Us Prison Edition. In 2018, we will introduce the Prison Edition translated for our 23,000 Spanish-speaking inmates.