The Word Among Us

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Meditation: Sirach 51:12-20

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Saint Charles Lwanga and Companions, Martyrs (Memorial)

Entrance Antiphon

As gold in the furnace, the Lord put his chosen to the test;
as sacrificial offerings, he took them to himself;
and in due time they will be honored,
and grace and peace will be with the elect of God, alleluia. Cf. Wis 3:6-7, 9


O God, who have made the blood of...


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Daily Meditation: Sirach 51:12-20

I sought wisdom openly in my prayer. (Sirach 51:13)

How many of us could claim that we desired wisdom at a young age? It seems as if Ben Sira, the author of the Book of Sirach, did. He shares how intensely he prayed for wisdom and how God granted him the desires of his heart. And now, countless people through the centuries have been blessed by his instruction.

We often think of wisdom as something hard-earned through life’s many experiences, including our own mistakes. But Ben Sira makes it clear that wisdom is also a gift from heaven. That means that we, too, can pray for wisdom and receive it because ultimately, it comes from God, the source of all wisdom.

Because we can never be too wise, we should never stop praying for wisdom. Today, let’s make that our prayer:

“Lord, give me the wisdom to put you first in my life. May I wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night with your praise on my lips. May I look to you to lead me, and may I follow you wherever you are calling me—even if it’s a road I’d rather not take.

“Lord, I need wisdom to understand the hearts of my loved ones. May I be sensitive to their feelings and struggles. Give me the wisdom to accompany them in all their trials.

“Lord, make me wise so that I know when to speak and when to stay silent. And when I do speak, let my words be a blessing to those who hear them.

“Lord, give me the wisdom to know how important it is to follow your commandments. Even when I struggle with obeying them, help me to see how they are always for my ultimate good. And when I fail, give me the wisdom to know that you will always welcome me back to you.

“Lord, help me to understand that life is short and that this world is passing away. May I value the things of heaven more than I value the things of this world. May I live with my death always in view so that I do not have regrets when you call me to yourself.”

“Lord, source of all wisdom, make me wise so that I may glorify you!”

Psalm 19:8-11
Mark 11:27-33