The Word Among Us

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Meditation: Daniel 2:31-45

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34th Week in Ordinary Time

Entrance Antiphon

The Lord speaks of peace to his people and his holy ones
and to those who turn to him. Cf. Ps 85 (84):9


Stir up the will of your faithful, we pray, O Lord,
that, striving more eagerly
to bring your divine work to fruitful completion,
they may receive in greater...


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Daily Meditation: Daniel 2:31-45

The great God has revealed to the king what shall be in the future. (Daniel 2:45)

Daniel was in a tough spot. If he didn’t tell King Nebuchadnezzar the meaning of the king’s dream, he would be put to death with all the other wise men residing in Babylon. But after he prayed fervently for an answer, “the mystery was revealed to Daniel in a vision” (Daniel 2:19).

Daniel understood that the dream was a revelation of the future. Four kingdoms would rise and fall, just as all earthly kingdoms have done throughout history. Only the last kingdom, the kingdom of God, would “stand forever” (Daniel 2:44). Surely this prophetic dream must have reassured Daniel. Though his people were in exile, Daniel knew that God was in control and that in the end, his kingdom would prevail.

We can’t predict the future, especially when it comes to the rise and fall of worldly powers. But here and in other biblical prophecies—including Jesus’ own predictions of what is to come—we hear the same story. There will be times of tribulation, but in the end, God’s kingdom will reign. We don’t know when this will happen; even Jesus didn’t know (Matthew 24:36). But we can confidently place our hope in God’s promises and look forward to that day when God will be “all in all” (1 Corinthians 15:28). This is the future that “the great God” has revealed to us (Daniel 2:45).

All of us are tempted from time to time to get anxious or fearful about what the future may hold for us and our loved ones. When that happens, remember this truth: your future is secure because it’s in God’s hands. Your loving, faithful God cares deeply about his creation, and in the end, he won’t let it be overpowered by evil. In fact, he cares for us so much that he sent his Son to earth to save us—to save you.

Today in prayer, surrender to the Lord all your worries about the future. Trust him to help you through whatever difficulties that lie ahead, and keep your eyes fixed on the glory to come. Because just as he did for Daniel, God has already revealed to you the end of the story—an ending that’s better than any of us could ever imagine.

“Father, I trust in you, today and all the days of my life.”

(Psalm) Daniel 3:57-61
Luke 2:5-11