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I pray for my family and friends daily for protection . ON 11/29/16 my granddaughter Amanda was involved in serious car accident were her car was flipped upside on her roof and she crawled out with minor bruises and glass in her finger. When we showed the DR. in E.R. the pictures of her car he said it had to be divine intervention . I want to Thank Jesus with all my Heart with Glory, Honor and Praise for keeping her safe!

My God is an awesome wonder! He is ever so faithful. In my lifetime, I continue to see His goodness in my life. Thank you Lord that you are meeting me at my point of need. I will continue to TRUST you! Psalm 27:13 I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Amen.

I had you pray for my deductible of 500.00 dollars would be covered in a minor accident and insurance said no. God showed me were to look in my policy and we proved them wrong and its covered . Praise God and thanks for praying.

I am thankful for your answered prayers for the lord working it out to provide my granddaughter with new tires before winter sets in. THANK YOU JESUS!

Please pray for me I'm a college student who goes to school in a different state, I was just served with an eviction notice from a Marshall to vacate the premises the day after thanksgiving and I don't have the money and I don't even know where I would go. I coudn't go home to see my family because I don't have the money to buy a plane ticket. I just want you guys to keep me in your prayers. Thank you and Gob Bless! GOD IS GOOD!


I want to thank you for prayers and Thank Jesus for answering the prayer should I sell my truck to my son and he found me a great deal on an suv so I could give my son a great deal.

For two successful meetings and God's will of the outcomes.

Thanking God for this election. Praise God for he knows the hearts of this nations prayers. Lord keep this nation close to your foundation.

Thanks be to God the cardiac catherization successfully undertaken on my 85-year-old mother Katharina one week ago at Walter Reed in Bethesda failed to disclose any blockages in her coronary arteries, and thus the scan performed earlier in the year that suggested such a possibility had yielded a false positive result. She was, however, experiencing mild congestive heart failure that responded well to conventional treatment with diuretic medication and was released from the hospital at the end of last week with no restrictions on her activities. Cardiologists expect that it will be possible to manage her cardiac problems with medications for several more years, although it may be necessary to replace her aortic valve once again through a new minimally invasive procedure. We pray the Lord will grant her some more years of activity. We are exceedingly grateful for the intercession. May the Lord bless you abundantly!

Please pray for my family, May the lord forgive our sins and continue to give us strenght. pray for my aunt Jacqueline Baya who is very sick and can't talk or do anything! may the Lord give her strength to keep fighting for the sake of her daughter. Pray for my sister Vera Kaljob who just wants to finish her medical school but can't go back at the moment because my parents don't have any money to pay! and last but not least please pray for me I'm struggling with school and my grades, im distracted by temptations I need the Lord more than anything! Please pray for us! God Bless You All!

Hebrews 13:5 is a promise from God and it is the one promise that kept my heart calm when we were faced with what seemed like an insurmountable situation but I trusted the words in that Scripture that God was with us all the way! He showed up in His glory when we were wondered how we would offset my late sister's hospital bill but what is impossible to man is POSSIBLE with God! We just have to believe. It is oh so true. He took care of the situation. Thank you for praying with us WAU prayer warriors. Thank you so much.

Mimi is doing much better with the episode of her memory loss. She is in the hospital one more day getting antibiotics . Please continue to pray for a strong recovery and create a lifestyle to help her avoid these episodes. In Christ name I pray for this. Sincerest thank yous!

Thank you WAU for your prayers. Thank you Mother Mary for interceding and Lord Jesus for always blessing our family.

Thank you, Lord, for a good medical report. I thank the prayer ministry as well. God bless you and praise be to God!

Listened to pastor 77 financial prayer video on YouTube and the Lord used the pastor video to bless me with four job opportunities within 24hrs. The Lord's blessings came down like rain. Amen!

Thanking God for healing my sister Vickey from her chest pains. The results came out clear. Thanking God for my nephew Carl as he sought counselling to overcome his depression and anxiety. Praying that this does not occur frequently. Praise God

Praise and thanksgiving to you, Lord!!!

Thanksgiving prayers for my sister Vickey as all tests from her previous surgery were clear. Thanks giving for my nephew Carl in seeking help in his bouts of depression and anxiety. Lord we know the road is not smooth for him .

We asked for prayers for Susan H., Toms River, NJ. Susan was diagnosed with cancer and is currently under chemo treatment. We received a report that the chemo has finally taken effect and Susan is doing much better in toleration. Thank you Prayer Warriors for your prayers.

Thank you Lord for guiding my nephew Carl in overcoming his depression and anxiety. Lord I know the road for him is a rough one protect him that this does no occur frequently. Keep him from a relapse.

Let us give thanks to the Lord Almighty that my daughter has stopped smoking for 3 months now, and ask that she doesn't go back ever. For this we pray to the Lord!

Giving thanks for the recovery of my nephew Carl as he is seeking professional help. Please keep him in prayer that no more anxiety/depression occur continue.

I want to praise and thank God for His marvellous mercy and love upon my son. He just received his appointment letter after completing his 3 months course at a Plantation Company. Thank Mother Mary for Her Powerful intercession. Thank you Prayer Team of for praying for my son. May the Mighty Name of the Lord be Praised, Honoured and Worshipped forever and ever.

Dear Lord, I praise you, I love you, I adore you. Please make all of my family and Helen's family happy in the Spirit of the LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!

I asked God to help everything go well for my friend Diane she was having surgery for an brain aneurysm when they went in with a camera found no brain aneurysm! Thank you God!

My interview went well. I am waiting for news this coming Tuesday. thank you.

Please pray for me that the almighty God will show me mercy and heal my diseases and forgive me of my masturbation sins. Thank you

This praise report is a little late! We asked for prayers for our friend Maryjane of Algonac; for the past three weeks Maryjane was rescheduled for her knee operation, three times. The third time it happened and she is doing very well. She was able to traverse the steps going up to the second level of her home, today. The re-scheduling was due to other medical problems and the doctors stated if they would have done the surgery earlier, she might not have made it. "Thanks Be To God", he new what he was doing all along. Thank you prayer warriors@ Thank you Lord.

I was late for work bcoz i took the wrong bus ending at the bus-interchange instead of the airport.I did not bring enough cash and the taxis does not accept NETs or only Master Credit Card which I don't have.I told these to an auntie in the bus.I also told the auntie my job cannot be late.Otherwise,get demerit points. At the bus-interchange,suddenly,a young lady whom I don't know handled me S$20.00 for my taxi-fare.I thanked her but did not have time to take her contact details Now,the 2nd problem was getting a taxi.Any taxi you see is always "ON CALL". As I walking towards the main road,I make sure no one is around.I shouted,"JESUS PLEASE HELP ME!. MOTHER MARY PLEASE HELP ME! Next moment,a taxi with the "green light" stopped and I got in. (the lady must've heard my problems in the bus} I got to work on time. Thanked the Lord and Mother Mary and the "angel" sent by GOD.

This summer I went to Bible camp with my best friend. I felt closer to God there more than I've ever felt before! The only thing that was bothering me was that one night we were at a campfire and we were singing worship songs and I was the only one who didn't know the words to any of the songs. That night I prayed to God asking him to help me worship and praise him. The very last night at camp, we were singing songs with the entire camp and there was a projector that was showing the words. Then, when we were singing one song that I didn't know, the projector went off. I didn't realize until the end of the song that I was singing the words to a song I had never heard in my life! Right then I knew that God had answered my prayer. I was an amazing moment.

Many in Facebook requests prayers for their love ones that are ill. Many times I pray to Raphael to go and heal the sick person that is requested for pray to heal. In my astonishment that person got heal through the help of Raphael by Doctors and Nurses. Today I am asking a pray for my grandson Simeon Scott who is ill of Kidney problem and soon to be in Dialysis. I use to be in dialysis but many prayers after I had Kidney Transplant and never use dialysis again. Bless be to God.

The Lord has been gracious and kind to me, I have held on to His promises and this has kept me grounded when things are going really well and, also acted as a constant source of encouragement when all I had was HOPE. Thank you Jehovah God for journey mercies and thank you the love of a wonderful husband and, the gift of a new car! Thank you for the growth experienced when I have been constantly challenged by life circumstances and especially those that are close to my heart. It is true and I can say with conviction that you are always, always with me in this journey! Thank you for favour upon me and my family. Psalm 27:13 When you remain steadfast and hold true to God’s promises, you will surely see His goodness!

Thank you Lord for blessing my daughter with her school money and blessing her to get some of the stuff she want. Thank you Lord for blessing me to get to the interview and for blessing me with he opportunity to get the job. please forgive me Lord that i was not strong enough. Thank you Lord for traveling grace and peaceful nights. Please help me take care of my dad and family. thank you God for everything

Four years ago my husband passed away after a long illness. We also were raising our children, with his illness and the children in school our finances were tight. We own our home but the home repairs were ignored during all the other stress and responsibilities. I have finally been able to start with home repairs, termite treatment, and other necessary things. I am so thankful to the Lord for carrying me through all these rough times and now helping me to get necessary repairs started and showing me the way. Sometimes things seem impossible but God always carries me through

Thank you for your prayers concerning my sister, Sandy Varela. She passed away on September 15th and also thank you for your prayers concerning my niece, Liz Contreras, who passed away on September 20th. I know both are in Heaven and will always be with us!!

Thank you Lord for my family and for continuing to allow my children to do well.

We asked that our cousin, Susan who has been diagnosed with Cancer, be spared. Susan has received her first chemo shots and the tumors have begun to shrink. We thank all and ask for continued prayer.


praise Jesus for a great new job and house in Ca, paying off all my loans & debts, raising my credit score, finding me great friends I can count on, improvements to my car, business succeeding, reputation & health improving, love & social life much better, finally traveling again, and most of all enjoying my life!

Thank you Lord for your abundant blessings. I trust that you continue to order my steps. My trip thus far has been awesome and it can only get better. Amen.

My daughter was admitted to the grad school program of her choice. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you, Jesus and Mary for your guidance.

My mother recovered well.

Thank You Lord for prayers answered concerning my husband and decisions of his business. Lord I know the road is rough but powerful prayers are answered.

Praise Report For Relationship With God, The Law, My Choices, Finances, and Career. I am Happy and Free! Allah Adonia & Faith

My friend has been the scapegoat in a very nasty situation where he works. Today he was told that the situation has been taken care of, he is no longer "in the hot seat," and he will be getting a promotion! God is GOOD!!!!!

Thank you, dear Lord, for answered prayers. Many thanks to the prayer team as well for the comfort you give. You are truly a gift from God. May you be richly blessed.

All Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ! After my prayer request to you concerning our lack of Eucharistic Ministers for the homebound, just a few days later lo and behold, I called our parish office and the very next day our new Vicar appeared at our door, ready for the Eucharist as well as Confession! After we received the Sacraments we explained the very extensive need for someone, and our new Father said he understood, and that he would speak to our Father Pastor about the problem. Right now my heart is nearly bursting with joy. Thank you to the 100th+++ power for your prayers. Thank you with all my heart. May our wonderful God bless each of you a thousand-fold for your prayers, for your caring. Sincerely, in the Love of our Jesus and Mary, Barbara Badeau

Thank you, dear Lord, for so many answered prayers. I am so very thankful for your grace and blessings.

Thank you for my tests showing everything is ok....and thank you for continuing to allow all of my children to excel in their career endeavors....amen

My dear prayer warriors! Just a couple of days ago, we asked prayers for our grandson, Alex who is attending the Naval Academy. He was losing weight and dehydrating. I am please to report that Alex is recovering from an extreme sinus infection. He's back on track with his studies. Dear Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for responding to our prayer request so promptly. We all LOVE you very much. God continue to bless our prayer warriors.

Let us give thanks to The Lord Almighty for my daughter has decided to smoke K2 - she's been sober for 3 weeks now, thank God. Also I want to give thanks for all of the Blessings showered upon us at all times!! For this let us pray to the Lord!

Thank you Papa for coming through for me, I feel settled and at peace, that in the end, it is well. I choose to be anxious for nothing. I choose to set aside my worries and concerns. I thank You for Your faithfulness to meet every need in my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

I thank for the alleged recovery of my grandmother in her nineties in sickness in Scandinavia at an old age sickness southern Scandinavian home ready to be returned home I thank the Lord and for the Lord´s remembrance of the fight for Christian justice and severity of her ancestors. Inez Deborah Emilia Altar

Thank you God! Thank you for the prayers too. My husband was given a clean bill of health after all the tests.

I have seen good days and not so good days but in the end, the Joy of the Lord is my strength. Whatever you are dealt in the circumstances of life, know that God is always with you.

I want to thank Lord for protection during my 3 week trip abroad. I really felt his presence and his hand guiding me. The trip was smooth, everything was peaceful, I was patient and during one incident I was delivered and felt his protection. You are my true Savior. Amen

Praise and Thanks be to God! My husband's prostate biopsy results came back with the best outcome - no cancer found!!! Yes, God is good and faithful! Right now we are waiting one more bloodwork result to confirm a chemical trace found in one of the ten biopsy samples that could indicate that there could be cancer later. As always we ask for prayers and pray to God for the best outcome on this blood work - that like the no cancer result on the biopsy - that this bloodwork result will come back the same - no cancer present or ever!! Thank you Lord for answered prayers and thank you for God's ministry through all of you for prayers!

Praise God for my new teaching job. Nothing is impossible with God. I prayed that truth over and over. When He was ready He opened all doors.

Thank you God for giving me peace. Despite the challenges in our family, I still find comfort in Jesus. Thank you God for being there for us.

I want to give thanks and praise this morning. God knows the end from the beginning... It is well. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

I started my new job and its very peaceful. I feel that I'm in the right place. Thank you for your prayers.

Thank you for my moms weight gain. Thank you for all the blessings. Thank you for repairing my relationship mith my mom.

Thank you for praying for our daughters wedding and all the responsibility that goes with putting on a wedding. Our 10 year old down son walked down the aisle with the flower girl and was all smiles. Think we were witnessing a "miracle".. It was a beautiful "Catholic" wedding.

Lord i ask of u the bone of untightness in my perception of order, in order to free my nit pick outbursts i have to loosen up free my own fire today i beg of ur guidance throughout all light of day. For i now understand i and i only are ruler of my destiny, build it n they shall come.... i too need the strength to keep my mind else where today rather than on my LONG AWAITED prize, this being extremely diffucult considering the physical emotions are strong enough to consume the overly thought ofs let alone. Thank you jesus and today : i want to be successful, w ur help, of course. Amen

praise Jesus for curing my food poisoning, getting me a new car, getting me a great work assignment, finding me a home, and finding a great husband for my sister

Thank you so much for prayers for my sister, who had cancer surgery. The surgery went perfectly; she recovered quickly and without complications, and will not have to have any further treatment. She was back at work in a few weeks and is looking forward to getting married next year. I am so grateful to God.

I want to thank and praise the dear good lord Jesus ,due to the fact ,that while doing walking excersize last evening I perceived the lord telling me to be more simple in my life and and not drag baggage from being some one I thought I was in a past life,and let go of my too complex life.

After my wife underwent a major operation in 2014,her monthly flow ceased last year, married for 12 years without the fruit of the womb,it was a big blow to us We have continuously prayed for restoration and believed that God in his infinity mercies will turn his face of mercy towards us. Suddenly her flow is back and we are believing that this is the beginning of the healing process from God to bless us with the fruit of the womb

I have requested prayers for members of my family for years, and for some more than once. I am very happy to say that most of them have been answered. I truly appreciate all the people who have prayed in response to my requests, and I pray that their prayers are also being answered.

The Lord helped me to feel His Love and Peace after every Confession! His Holy Virgin Mother, Mary, has so generously shared Her Blessings and Graces with anyone who asks. Our God is an awesomely Generous and Merciful God!!!

I would like to thank the dear lord and the blessed mother for my staying with my sister ,it will be 5 years on October 5 th ,have emotional illness ,had candida ,it is better now ,off of three and 3and 3/4 mess ,feel great doing it with doctors help ,thank st daphnia and st brother Andre and my spiritual director st pio ,

praise Jesus for a new contract that let me pay off the last of my debts and have enough for a vacation!

I had asked for prayers for my son's Police Academy class to pass their final, state-mandated test. They all passed, graduated, and are now working with training officers to continue to learn the job. Thank you for the prayers.

I want to praise God for my grandmother,s fast recovery from her illness,she is old and weak,but i know with God by her side ,he will grant her many more fruitful years to live praise God.

I got a job in the company that I wanted and with very nice people. Also, my boyfriend Tim is changing his ways and straightening his life. And, we are communicating better and listening to each other. I am able to travel with my dad this September and he is visiting me.


Thank you Jesus, thank you God, I am so grateful and so happy, you never forget me and I am thankful. My brother got his results and he passed. Thank you dear Lord, thank you sooo much. I pray I make you proud with my life. Thank you God

I requested prayers for my husband of almost 55 years (June 24) the first of Feb. He was in 3 care centers and at first looked like he would not return home. Well, he and he is doing well. Physically, especially, walks w/out cane at home for 3 months most time spent in wheel chair. Short term memory damaged a lot but all the rest doing well and he is home after 3+ months out of the home.

I sent a request for a dear friend, prayers answered, she's now planning how to make the best of her study time. Thank you God

I'm sad & down. Thinking about my grandma that returned 2the spirit world last year 2day. Just need prayers & strength 2carry on. Thanks, Lord hear our prayers.

My husband's back surgery was successful and he is on the road to recovery. I am very thankful to God for his goodness. Thank you, too, to the prayer team. May you be blessed by the blessings you bring to others!

I have made it to the next round of interviews for the job that I really like. There has been peace, love, and unity between Tim and I.

Thank you God for answering prayers for my son and his wife. They have jobs and have been able to save their home from foreclosure. Praise Abba all his angels and his saints. Thank you Mother Mary for hearing my prayers for my sons.

I had a big medical bill that i had no way to pay. I prayed to God that he would make a way for me and pay the bill for me. I was determined not to worry and leave it in God's hands. Yesterday I went to close an old bank account that I had to open as part of my old car loan, thinking it only had about $5 in it. Praise God, praise God, praise God, there was enough in that account to completely pay off the medical bill!!!! Isn't God amazing? His word says he's a father to the fatherless and a husband to the widow, and that he will meet all our needs. Thank you Heavenly Father for your goodness and faithfulness! You are the miracle-working God!

I have been praying to Our Lady Undoer of Knots since last week. Then after not speaking to my boyfriend in 2 months, he called me on Monday. I also got a job interview, since I haven't had a job for months. Jesus' mercy and love triumphs over fear. Thank you Jesus and Mother Mary.

Thanking God for all the favors received and freeing us from all anxieties especially with all of our business transactions.

I would like to lift up my hands in worship of the King of Kings and thank Him for all that he has done. Thank you that He the mighty one Jehovah-Jireh continually reminds me of His great abundant and unlimited life for me. Thank you that He even sends people personally to tell me that he loves me. Thank you He fulfuls his promise to hear my prayer,answer my prayer and provide for my needs. Thank you that he blesses me and that He is active in my Life. Thank you for the change that I can see in my Life. In Jesus Name, I believe.I wholeheartedly trust and am dependent on Him. Oh, what a wonderful God He is to serve.

Prayers of thanksgiving for successful surgery on my Mother. No Cancer was found!!! The doctors repaired her colon and now is at home healing. We are so thankful and truly feel blessed. Thank God also for the Doctors and Nurses who were put in our path to take care of her. They have truly been a God send. Amen

I am nothing without the love of God. When I walk through the storms of life it is surely by the power of His strength that shields me during the tumultuous times. Psalm 28:7 I will praise Him for He has been good and merciful to me even when I do not deserve His grace. Thank you WAU prayer warriors for praying with me. May God meet each one of you at your point of need. Amen.

St Expedite for answering my prayers. I also said prayers to St Philomena and Our lady of Knots. Thank you

Praise the Lord!

It has just been about three days ago, when we submitted our prayer request for Aubrey who was suffering from blot clots in the legs and lungs and the potential to go to the heart. He was released from the hospital and was told by his doctors that he did not suffer any permanent damage to his vitals including the heart. He will have to remain on blood clot medication for some time, for assurance. Again we thank our prayer warriors at The Word Among Us and all those faithful Christians who lifted Aubrey up in prayer. We also pray now that Aubrey will see the need to approach the Lord Jesus Christ and make a commitment to honor Him. Thank You All!

I want to praise and thank God that my son who have been jobless since December 2015 have been offered a job. He will be starting his 3 months training on the 9/5/16 prior to be offered a post as Plantation Officer. Thanks to prayer team for praying with Blessed Mother Mary and interceding for the success of my son's interview for the post. Alleluia Praise and Thank God.

praise Jesus for bringing tremendous joy, love, faith and hope to my relationship with Nicole iN Jesus name amen!

Thank you for a wonderful, safe, enjoyable vacation.

I make a joyful noise. The favour of the Lord is upon me, I will surely see the goodness of our God in the land of the living. Psalm 27:13 Thank you God, all the glory is yours for my business opportunities that are on a upward trajectory! With humility and confident gratitude, thank you. It can only get better. Amen.

I requested prayers for my husband of 55 years who was gravely ill, Emergency room, hospital stay, rehab place where he declined, care center in our home town. They OT/PT called to do a home visit next week in preparation of his returning home. Thanks be to God and your prayers.