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God bless me with good jobs( 2) are you to help me pray for my father and him brother they have serious problem (3)for good health

Praise you Jesus for your abundant blessings and privilege of still being employed by a great employer who continues to pay my full salary while I work from home during the Coronavirus and am guaranteed my job when I return to work, thank you precious Jesus for great health in my family and for continuing to provide for me and my family in every possible way lacking nothing although the world is in so much turmoil and whom I pray for daily!

praise father god for preventing conflicts in my family/neighborhood/and worksite

Thank you again for the problem-free birth and first day of life of my son and for keeping my wife okay and well during the whole process.

Thank you for your prayers concerning my sons divorce. She finally agreed to the shared parenting as we were praying for. I am grateful for your prayers. I know that they helped make this come to pass. Please continue to pray for my son Brandon that God will guide him to be a good and Godly father. In Jesus name amen

In the past few months I sometimes get a cough and I've found the following audible declaration stops the cough immediately:-

"Thank You heavenly Father Yahweh Yehovah Yahuwah, that no cough, flu, sore throat, disease, infection, virus, covid-19, coronavirus, plague or anything of that nature can ever come upon me because anything like that would have done was all placed upon Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach on the cross and was dead and buried for all eternity with Him; though obviously Jesus himself was resurrected and seen by the people of this world; and has ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of you God the Father Almighty from whence Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach will judge the living and the dead. Surely Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach was bruised for my iniquities, the chastisement that brings me peace was laid upon Him and through His stripes I am healed. So in Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach's name and applying the blood of Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach shed for me on the cross, I command all cough, flu, sore throat, disease, infection, virus, covid-19, coronavirus, plague and anything of that nature to stay away from both me and from this house. Amen.".

Then I listen for the Lord and I quickly hear Him say 'So Ordered'. Then the cough stops immediately.

I have been using ...the word among us ...for several have always found it to hit the mark every time with what is concerning at this time I need it's reassurance even more...praise to you for all your good work....HAIL MARY FULL OF GRACE..!!

I requested prayers for healing of body, mind and soul for my son. I believe in the power of prayer and am witnessing the results. He hasn’t felt or looked this good physically in a very long time. I pray his spirit is healing along with his body. Thank you to the prayer community who is interceding on his behalf. God bless you too!

Couple of weeks ago I requested prayer for my niece who was going to have surgery for breast cancer removal; thanks be to God the surgery went well, the pathology results were good and she is recovering well while waiting for radiation to start.
Thanks for your prayers

Thanking God for the healing of our pet parrot and all who have prayed for his healing.

Please pray for my husband Juan he is in icu thay don't know what is wrong with him he has very high fever and high heart rate it was brought down but thay still don't know what is wrong with him he needs lots of prayer

The urgent prayers for a little boy that a tree fell on him - he suffered a broken pelvis, had surgery and is doing well. Thank you so much for your powerful prayers.

I am thanking God for answering my prayers by freeing me and granting me victory at the courts and at the marriage tribunal. I thank Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints that I prayed to for interceding for me. May the name of the Lord be praised now and forevermore. Amen

praise Father God for letting me rest while He prevents my work/family conflicts in Jesus mighty name, amen!

In 2016, I had been given 6 months to 1 1/2 years to live. Nodding off during Eucharistic Adoration, I either dreamt or heard a voice saying, "You know I can do anything." I was put into a clinical trial that saved my life. Now, 3 1/2 years later after repeated CT scans showing no cancer, the doctor has declared me free of cancer. Thank-you God, more than I can say!

Thank God and thanks for your prayers because my niece Kiara who has been stranded at her apartment alone due to the Covid-19 quarantine and lockdown is doing ok. This is less one major reason to get anxious about. Thank you Lord for saving us from all distress.

I want to thank you for prayers for my brother, Tim in Vancouver WA. I called him, he picked up and is alive and feeling good! Praise God! I believe Jesus is healing the celiac disease and asthma in him, and holds all gig workers in his care, through us, during this Coronavirus-19 crisis. Amen.

I thank wau for your prayers God has beging aswering our prayers,someone called me yesterday and send me some money,pray for him for God to replenish him for the kind gesture,i,m still soliciting pls,God bless you all.the acct againt:2013310819,thanks.

For months, I faced a lot of struggles and uncertainty. I prayed to avoid repossession, increase my faith, get back in school, find a decent job and home with specifics. ALL my prayers have been answered to the exact dates. Many times I felt discouraged and great unbelief but God is faithful and his word wont return void. It is a fact he cannot and will not lie. It is a fact he will make way for you. I pray this helps and encourages someone.

Thank you - today's weather was forecasted to be a washout - 100% chance of rain. It held out in the AM so I was able to complete my outdoor activity. I had had tremendous anxiety thinking about it. But the sky actually brightened a bit a certain points and I was humbled by his grace - I even said "Amazing Grace" to myself. I humbly thank all for their prayers and support. I was praying especially hard to the patron saint of bad weather, St. Medard. Glory and praise to the Almighty and to St. Medard.

I and my family continue to give God the glory and i'm still soliciting to spiritual individaul for the financial support to safe us pls acct no:2013310819.may God bless you for the support and heal the whole world from Jesus name Amen!

Thanking all of the wau for praying in recovering my husbands wallet in the time of crisis. Thank You St. Anthony and our Blessed Mother.

Thank you Lord for prayers answered...just hired as a teacher for the 2020-21 school year!

God is true to his word and in faith I asked for urgent prayers for the finding of my husbands wallet and I rejoice that it has been found. Praise God and our Holy Mother.

I thank God for being alive with my lovely family,but honestly i need not only prayers but with financial support to clear my indebtiness that about putting me in prison pls,i will remain grateful for your kind gesture to belt me out.A/C NO:2013310819.GOD Bless you all and heal us from COVID-19.Amen!

Invited God into my life 1985. Haven't missed mass, smoked a cigarette or had an alcoholic drink in 35 years.
God be praised.

Prayer answered report submission.sorry for delay in posting my 3 answered prayers.Dear in Christ, My very stubborn three prayer topics prayed over 4 years is answered.Praise the lord. But two prayer topics are not yet adamantly answered.Usually i post as unspoken prayer topics. But for deliverance speaking the actuals is very much needed for the liberty..One is the pathetic housing where people are made to stay in huge numbers like hen coop and using real estate agents by real estates with mouth and pervert flesh business ladies to raise severe pressure of bodies of the tenants and cut throat money is devoured in three and four fold. the mouth and pervert flesh business people is always reading the mind and if they found the level of the intensity of the deviish spirits they induced is reduced; immediately disguise of picking rent, the abuser will come pressure or fight. please pray for me i can stay away in decent housing with reasonable rent  from this satanic people. the disturbance is not yet subsided in my work place or place of travel or residences. please continue to pray for me. Praise the lord.

I asked you for help jesus to change my life, and you have blessed me. Things are so much better. Thank you!!!

Hello my husband is a prisoner at Lackawanna county prison his name is Ali Yalgin.He wants to request his information is Ali Yalgin Lackawanna County Prison D-6 ID is 2017-01501 1371 north Washington ave Scranton pa 18509-2840 thanks!

Please pray for myself and my family’s health and safety and to have a every day income and that God always be with us

Thank you for your prayers! The Good Lord has healed my husband once again and has given him a repaired heart so that his days on this earth are not yet over! I pray for his spiritual healing and health. Amen! Thank you my Lord 🙏!

About a week ago, I submitted a prayer request for my mother, who was suffering from chronic cellulitis in her leg and was in terrible pain. She has since had a proper diagnosis and treatment and is much better. She is also peaceful, accepting and cooperative regarding her health. She has been given more in-home help as well. We are all very grateful and feel the peace and strength of Jesus taking good care of us when we were so stressed, overwhelmed, and struggling to cope before. Thank you so much for your prayers. God bless.

Glory glory. Less anxiety being focused more of who God is then what he can do. I love how he's drawing his people closer even in this crucial time! It's an awakening to us who really think we know God, to knowing Him the real Jesus not the water down version. Don't think for a minute that all of this birth pangs is for not! Revelation starting to get our attention! Maybe some of us will accept our calling and be good in our witnessing remember the devil does not win! I'm so grateful that He's once again giving us a chance to repent for ourselves, to stand in the gap for those who hate God. Still some will come into His Kingdom No it's there's much bigger story hear it God's people would humble themselves and repent and actually acknowledge that were of doing a great job at wittnessing, isn't it great that He won't allow us to stay stagnant as status quo! I.e. Praising Him for Him for every breathe Intake and for Him shaking me up ☝ for His Kingdom come. The gospel must never be water down, I'm grateful for Him keeping me and those around me in there right mind. Moreover, I finally received money that I can use to minister. It's a start. Expecting God to show up when I step out! Knowing I'm finally growing . Thanks for all who truly are His Servants! Amen!😂

I praise God for watching out for me from the snares of the devil. He kept me from being harm, sick, and death. Will deliver me from all evil and my enemies and into my dwelling place.

praise Father God for giving me more than enough resources to not only survive, but thrive!

Peace/healing/reconcilation of my brothers/sisters/nieces/nephews/their families. My slavery to my desires; lust/fantasies/addictions/impurties/temptations. My financial situation and health problems. Those affected by the virus and that the serpent of the virus be crushed. Have mercy on us dear Jesus. Mercy. My friend/their families.

I praise you Jesus for answering ALL my prayers and keeping me before and through this crisis. I thank you Jesus for the strength to keep going. I thank you for your grace, love, and mercy. I thank you for the zero debt clearance. I thank and praise you for the rest, restoration, employment, freedom, and relocation ahead of me this month.

praise Father God for my cholesterol levels being back down to normal

Thank you for your prayers for my successful interview last week. I moved on to the next level of interviews and will now have a final interview for an ESOL teaching position. Thank you Jesus!

I sent the wrong thing please disregard that thankyou

Please pray for my addiction my family that we get closer to God and together as a family

Honestly your prayers work because i asked for me that am about losing my work but now i was to stay,so i thank you very much for your interceding.

I just can't thank you enough for the Word Among Us! It is inspirational with the daily readings and especially the prayers for the mass especially during this time of confinement.

I’m praying for all going through hardship while at the same time having to deal with the crisis. Please protect those who are suffering.
Lord have Mercy on us

Thank you so much for answering my request about my daughter Michelle. We always say God works in mysterious ways. Because Michelle immune compromised with having lupus, her work place decided that she stay a home until this virus problem is ended. of course, that means there will be no income coming in for her. But God will provide, I am sure. Thank you so much for your answered prayers. It has taken such a heavy weight off my shoulders. God is so Good!
God love you all,


Thank you so much for your prayers. My brother arrived home safe from Korea!

I recently lost my job (so I got prayer) and my ex-boss has just phoned me to say I've got my old job back. Praise the Lord! Thanks to the Lord. Also God is protecting me so I don't get the Coronavirus. Praise the Lord! Thanks to the Lord.

That Ryan was offered a job. That he arrived safely back to Fla.
In Jesus name. God thank you for your blessings. Thank you for your protection when I fell. They will be done. JMJ

For the past three years I have suffered with pneumonia and chronic bronchitis> I have been in the hospital a couple of time four treatment. I have to admit I was not a faithful prayer warrior. A lot of time it was hit and miss with me. I prayed in Sunday Mass, at my Knights of Columbus meetings, but never really went to God and asked for hit help. I started to read the Word Among us and Living. With Christ and Magnificat. I also read daily a book called Mornings with. Jesus. I had been placed on the Church prayer List and on the my K nights of Columbus prayer list. After a problem with Bronchitis in December my primary care doctor referred me to a lung disease Doctor. After the First appointment and antibiotics and steroids, the a problem still existed. On the next visit he offered me the option of going to the hospital for seven days of treatment or go to the infusions center he had for my treatments. I chose the infusion center because I really did not want to be in the hospital.

When I received my subscription to The Word Among Us i also received a littler book called The Heart of Intercessory Prayer. During the past year I had developed a daily routine of Praying to St Anothony of Padua and I St Pio of Pietrelcina for my healing. Hit the treatment at the infusion was probably helpful, I firmly believe that the prayers of healing offered to God by the members of my Church and the two Saints I prayed to daily, had a lot to do with my cure from the chronic bronchitis. Prayer works Praise the Lord our God.

Please pray for my healing from surgery & also my husband's healing from surgery. Pray for everyone world wide who has this virus. Pray that it will be contain. In Jesus name I ask.

My husband son and I want to thank you all so much for praying about the unfair and stressful lawsuit we were dragged into in 2017.

I am so grateful to report we actually WON it in a countersuit our attorney prepared!!!!! they got nothing from our little company and our family stayed strong and committed to each other .
Monetarily we did not get our inventory paid for , but we got a portion of our legal bills paid and can pay off the rest in the coming 2 years.
Prayer is amazing and being my prayer partner was such a comfort over the last 3 years.
God bless you all and I will be praying for your health and the world we live in for humanity to realize our Lord is the answer and to take this time to appreciate His grace and love for us and for us to appreciate
each other Amen

I'm about losing my work due to downsiding but i beleive will open another for the sake ofmy fimaly in praise of him Amen!

Bringing my husband back safely home

Thank God for the birth of a healthy grandson.

Our family be well during this health crisis. Thank you Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother and St. Joseph, all angels and saints.

Dear Jesus I’m praying that my daughter’s eye heals. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Return to health for my. Mom.

Relief from severe pain by calling on the name of Jesus !

Relief from severe pain by calling on the name of Jesus !

Great ideas and I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your expansion of your meditations through the internet. Yes, we are All in this together supporting each other in our own ways ❤️🙏

Thank you Father that our trip came to pass and that we had a very lovely and fulfilling time. We talked and shared a lot. What brings us together is surely greater than that which divides us. I pray for many more opportunities to bond like we did!

Ever noticed how God shows up when you need Him the most and at exactly the right time? Sometimes it is at the last moment when you are hoping in God for a miracle or breakthrough or other times it's to rescue you (and you start praying and then hope in Lord). Last week I had to go to an important class which I could not miss or I had to start the whole thing over. Right before the class, out of no where a emergency occurred, and I lost my my ride, but then God stepped shortly afer and provided another ride right before the class! God was on time and made sure I didn't miss my class. God is so so so good!

Ever noticed how God shows up when you need Him the most and at exactly the right time? Sometimes it is at the last moment when you are hoping in God for a miracle or breakthrough or other times it's to rescue you (and you start praying and then hope in Lord). Last week I had to go to an important class which I could not miss or I had to start the whole thing over. Right before the class, out of no where a emergency occurred, and I lost my my ride, but then God stepped shortly afer and provided another ride right before the class! God was on time and made sure I didn't miss my class. God is so so so good!

Psalm 30:12 that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent. LORD my God, I will praise you forever.

Thank you so much for your favour!

2 Timothy 1:7
7 For the Spirit that God has given us does not make us timid; instead, his Spirit fills us with power, love, and self-control.

Thank you Father that with each passing day I have your grace to walk with power, love and self-control. Yesterday I took the courage to take the test. Thank you for walking this journey with me. It is well.

The Lord has TRULY answered my prayers!
He has helped me to safely escape the chains of an abusive marriage. He has helped me to relocate, find a place to live (with peace inside of the 4 walls), kept me along the way, introduced me to good people, provided financially for me, and now just opened a door in a line of work that I feel led to do. I am honestly amazed. I am beyond grateful!

Last year towards Christmas I asked this community to pray for my two pregnant daughters. I am very thankful for all your prayers. as Both of them have delivered their babies safely one month after the other, One gave birth on the 26th of November to a healthy baby girl, though by caesarean delivery. the other gave birth to another baby girl on the 28th of December by natural delivery. Thanks to all your prayers.

God has done a lot for me and my family that sometimes I do not understand. I thank Him for what He is done AMEN

Thank You once again for that problem-free ultrasound.

I have a new job in Al Dhafra School , Abu Dhabi. Thank you Jesus!

I requested prayers for my cousin who has MS and was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. The Lord took away the metastatic and it can be cured by surgery. Thank you so very much!

Thank you for all the times you blessed me to be triumphant over those who were seeking
to afflict me!

We give God the Glory. 14 years in marriage today. May our days be filled with Love, Joy and Companionship! Akish and Mesh

Celebrate the victory of the lord. He has done mighty things yet again. My 1. & 2. & 3. & 4. & 5. & 6 & 7 & 8 & 9 & 10 & 11& 12&13 & 14 prayer topic is answered. Faith is the substance and proof of things unseen. Praise the lord!!!

Praise Father God for my new penthouse in San Diego in Jesus mighty name amen!

Yesterday I came to you desperately asking for prayers for my grand-nephew Brandon Stakemann who is in critical care in a hospital in New Jersey. I thank our Lord and you for your prayers he is showing signs of improvement a week later. Thank you for all your prayers. God bless all.

You are God’s child, and he is pleased with you...I am filled with a heart of gratitude and abounding love. Thank you God for your overflowing grace and mercy. It is well.

God is amazing. My fiancé died two years ago, I was left with an emptiness that no one but the Lord could fill. I was worried that I’d be alone for the rest of my life, but just a few days ago, God sent me a husband. The best part is, I love this guy more than the last one and I did not think that would ever be possible. Praise be to the most high God!

My prayers for my sister have been answered in more wonderful ways that I could have imagined. She is moving and although answers as to where she would live, how it would all work out, etc. were unknown to all of us for a quite a while, the Lord answered our prayers in a most surprising way. It is all good now and she is actually quite excited about her new home and looking forward to the upcoming changes. God is good all the time and all the time God is good!!!

Prayer request : please help me not to lost my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel.

Praise for breakthroughs in my sons life! He is moving forward.

I'm so overwhelmingly grateful because the LORD has delivered me from the new-age! For years I believed in and practiced demonic things but suddenly God took the veil from over my eyes and I feel more light and at peace than ever before! THANK YOU GOD for having patience with me and thank You for helping me fight the spirits of the darkness! PRAISE JESUS!

I asked for prayers for my daughters migraines and they are finding ways to help her. Thank you God for leading us to the right people!

My sister inlaw, Mardel is doing better. She is still hospital but was able to get out of bed and take a walk. She made it through two surgeries. Thank you and give the good Lord all the praise. The power of prayer. Amen

Thanking God for my successful eye surgery and also Eds fear of his eyes as it is slowly healing.

Praise and Glory to you Lord! My father had a successful surgery. Thank you for everything Lord!

For past two years, I have written promotion interview to qualify to the next grade level without success. Every time the exams reaches, I find myself very week and unable to prepare well for it. I will be rewriting the examination on the 18th December, 2019. Please pray for God's Grace to prepare for the examination and promotion to the next grade level. Thank you. To God be the the Glory.

“Thank you, Lord, for your many blessings in my life!”

It has been a rollercoaster but I count my blessings and they are many. Thanks for favour so we were able to enjoy An's 10th birthday with no incident and what is more the perfect wedding and set up!

All is well that ends well. I will sing your praises oh Jehovah God for you have been good to me. Amen.

Wiser. Faith increased. Feeling back on track. Job offer signed today. Thank you Jesus!!

John 14:13-14 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

Thank you Lord for your overflowing grace and mercy. It is well.

I would like to thank you for your prayers for my son Brandon and his wife Brandy. She has agreed to Shared Parenting. I also have noticed their hearts softening towards one another. Continued prayers for healing and reconciliation if it is God's will. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ :)

Thank you for healing my wife's condition and taking care of our baby and keeping the hospital stay uneventful.

Prayers answered regarding a mass in my left breast. The results were negative for cancer. Bless the lord.

Please pray to the Lord, Jesus Christ for a safe delivery on the birth of our second great grandchild, Mathew George W. He was born on November 7th. Praise God!

I asked for prayers so my eye exam would be fine and it was. Thank you so much!

The Shelter I am in, I Have to Leave. Praise God, on This Last Day, God Provided a New Place, A Shelter for Seniors, In My Affordable Price Range. FREE! Thank you JESUS, & JEHOVAH. sincerely Michael Moore.

The Shelter I am in, I Have to Leave. Praise God, on This Last Day, God Provided a New Place, A Shelter for Seniors, In My Affordable Price Range. FREE! Thank you JESUS< & JEHOVAH. Sincerely Michael Moore.

Thank you Jesus for the great test results and thank you for letting our baby be more than okay. Thank you also for the other things included.

Finally, thank you also for the help, prayer team!

I thank God for answering my prayers and blessing me w/the opportunity to have a successful first interview today and request for a second interview next week. Thank you in advance Jesus for the successful, long term career you have blessed me with.

Our son got his paperwork from the military & his loan was approved, so he's going to be able to buy a house. Thank you for your prayers.