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Guardian Angels, Protectors and Guides

Guardian Angels, Protectors and Guides

For he will give his angels charge of you to guard you in all your ways. (Psalm 91:11)

Guardian angels are those spiritual beings privileged to gaze upon God and worship him even as they watch over us and safeguard us. St. Basil the Great, one of the earliest doctors of the church, wrote, “Beside each believer stands an angel as protector and shepherd leading him to life.” In addition, the church teaches that “By God’s providence, angels have been entrusted with the office of guarding the human race and of accompanying every human being so as to preserve him from any serious dangers. Our heavenly Father has placed over each of us an angel under whose protection and vigilance we are” (St. Pius IV Catechism, IV, 9, 4).

While we often consider talk of guardian angels the stuff of myth and wishful thinking, the truth of their existence is yet one more piece of evidence of God’s love for us. He has given each one of us an angel—a pure spirit—to watch out for us. We can find great comfort and security in knowing that not a hair falls from our head without our Father’s knowledge (Matthew 10:30).

It can be so easy to get caught up in the concerns and anxieties of the day and lose sight of the great love that surrounds us. We are often quick to forget our heritage as sons and daughters of a God who has covenanted himself to us. Still, God remains faithful and is always weighing and measuring his provision according to our needs.

Recalling God’s blessings can build up our confidence in him and keep us from wavering in our trust in him when things don’t go our way. Remembering how God has cared for us helps us live “like children” (Matthew 18:3)—trusting in his provision, seeking his will, and thanking him for his mercy. Why not pray your own litany of praise and thanksgiving today? Remind yourself of the many good things God has done for you. Let your memory and imagination work together to lift you up to God’s throne.

Points for Meditation

  • As children, we readily believe in the existence of a guardian angel, but as we grow older, we often become more cynical about the closeness of God and the reality of his angelic guardians. We may even begin to believe that we are the masters of our fate and have no one to help us but ourselves. Ask Jesus to free you from any sense of isolation or self-sufficiency that may be holding you back. Ask for a deeper dependence on the Lord.
  • Think of specific occurrences in your life when you felt that your guardian angel was watching over you and protecting you, either from physical danger or from serious sin. Thank your Father in heaven for his protection and love.
  • Think about any fears you may have, whether for yourself or for a loved one. Then meditate slowly on Psalm 91. Claim God’s promise of protection.


Father, you have blessed me so much, I will never be able to recount all your graces! I thank you for taking care of me and for sending your angel to watch over me. May I come to share your life with all the angels, singing your praises forever!

This selection is from A Year of Celebration: Experiencing God through the Feast Days of the Church, ed. Patricia Mitchell (The Word Among Us Press, 2001).