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Keep Your Focus on the Lord This Lent

By: Fr. Austin Fleming, the “Concord Pastor”

Keep Your Focus on the Lord This Lent by Fr. Austin Fleming, the “Concord Pastor”

Looking for a way to begin each day this Lent with God on your mind and in your heart? Start the morning with one of these prayers.


I return to you today, Lord,
with a heart sometimes burdened
by the sins of my past.

Remind me, Lord, that before I sin,
before I even think of sinning,
you stand ready to forgive me,
so deep is your desire to be one
with your sons and daughters.

As far as the east is from the west,
so far do you put my sins away from me:
in your goodness, let me know and trust
that you have forgiven and forgotten my sins.

Wipe my sins from my heart, Lord,
the ones I seem unable to forget,
and free me from the sinful ways
I find so hard to leave behind.

Thoroughly wash me of my guilt, Lord;
let no memories haunt and keep me
a prisoner to my own past.

Wash away my guilt and cleanse my heart
of any trace of my past wrongs:
with a heart reconciled and renewed,
refresh me with your grace,
that I might walk again
the path you have set out for me.

In your great compassion, Lord,
forgive my sins and free me
for the love you stand ready
to offer me each day. Amen.


If you, Lord, mark our sins,
Lord, who can stand?
But with you is forgiveness
and so you are revered.
—Psalm 130:3-4

No sin is beyond your mercy, Lord:
your forgiveness is deep and wide,
a river of pardon and peace.

Give me a contrite heart,
that I might know and confess
my failures, my silence, my selfish habits,
my carelessness, my pride, and my faults.

Wash my soul this Lent, Lord,
in the waters of your grace. Amen.

These prayers for Lent have been selected from Good Morning, Good God! by Fr. Austin Fleming (The Word Among Us Press, 2015). Available at More prayers by Fr. Fleming, the “Concord Pastor,” can be found on his popular blog at