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Turn Fear into Trust

Praying when you’re paralyzed with fear

By: Joan Guntzelman

Turn Fear into Trust: Praying when you’re paralyzed with fear by Joan Guntzelman

Pervasive and all-consuming fear can wreak havoc in our lives.

When it is our constant companion, then everything worries us and begins to take on the guise of a threat. Fear can paralyze us as we attempt to avoid everything distressing.

When we find ourselves avoiding even those challenges that are important to our growth, then fear has become a major obstacle for us on our personal journey. Instead of giving way to fear, perhaps we will take reasonable cautions as wisdom teaches us, and then affirm the profound truth that “in God I trust; I am not afraid.”

“My Lord and my God, when I feel afraid, guide me to turn that fear into trust in you. Teach me to notice when fear begins to arise in me, and then remind me that I can use it as an opportunity to draw closer to you. Show me if there is anything I need to do to deal with those things that frighten me, and then help me hand the situation over to you, my God. I will affirm over and over the words of the psalmist: ‘In God I trust; I am not afraid.’”

This is taken from Surrendering Our Stress: Prayers to Calm the Soul and Strengthen the Spirit, by Joan Guntzelman.