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Remembering the Man Closest to Christ

A Prayer to Honor St. Joseph

Remembering the Man Closest to Christ: A Prayer to Honor St. Joseph

All glory to you, Father, for your humble servant, St. Joseph. He was a truly righteous man, in whom there was no hypocrisy. At all times he followed your will, upholding your word by his every action.

All glory to you, Father, for revealing your will to Joseph. You spoke to him in dreams, just as you spoke to our spiritual ancestors, the Old Testament patriarchs. Called to be the guardian of the Redeemer, Joseph was another Abraham, the father of our faith. Like Abraham, he hoped against hope and trusted in you, even in the most difficult situations. From him you received the absolute trust that you value so highly in believers’ hearts. Just as Abraham trusted that you could bring Isaac back from the dead, Joseph reasoned that you, O God, are the master of the impossible. He trusted you in the impossible dilemma of Mary’s pregnancy, and as he waited and relied upon you, you overcame his doubt, and replaced it with faith. You overcame his despair, and replaced it with hope.

All glory to you, Father, for the obedience of your servant Joseph. To fulfill your will, he humbly took Mary to be his wife and welcomed your Son into his home and into his heart. You taught Joseph to be a man of decision and determination as he cared for and protected the mother and child. With deep humility and faith, he guided your Son, Jesus, as he grew in wisdom and in the Spirit. By adoption into Joseph’s lineage, Jesus became a true son of David; by his zeal for your will, Joseph showed that, like David, he was a man after God’s own heart. How fitting that he would be entrusted with the Savior!

Lord God, help us to set our hearts on you as Joseph did. Send Jesus to live with us and to teach us. Fill us with the humility and righteousness we see in Joseph, that we might love you and embrace your will as fully as he did. Speak to us concerning our role in your plan so that we can respond to the work that you have called us to do in our homes, in the church, and in our communities.