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Marriage & Family Resource Articles

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My parents married in 1942, while my father was going through Army Basic Training. I was born shortly before Dad was shipped off to serve in World War II, and he met me for the first time during a short leave. I’m told I cried night and day while he was home—not a good first impression! More »

A heavy wool suit trimmed with fur isn’t what I usually wear in ninety-five-degree weather, especially in a car with no air conditioning. More »

Struggling for breath in the hospital emergency room, I worked to inhale the medicine flowing through the mask over my mouth. And as I fought, I thought again about the woman who gave me birth and then, as I saw it, abandoned me in the hospital to die. More »

One summer our family vacationed in Maine. With a “Mainer” family we drove up to Acadia National Park, looking forward to beautiful scenery and incredible vistas of the Atlantic Ocean. More »

I admit, I’m a sucker for nostalgia. And though my busy days seem to have me forgetting much more than I remember, there are indelible memories of my times in Ireland — particularly childhood days at Granny’s. More »

It was Lent, and our six-year-old, Ellen, was busily drawing a picture of herself standing next to the cross. She looked up, struck by a sudden idea. “Is it okay if I draw myself with my hand on Jesus?” she wanted to know. More »

A devastating tsunami, like the one that hit Japan a year ago. Wars, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, epidemics. Parents, grandparents, and other concerned adults wonder if, when, and how to talk to children and young people about the natural and man-made disasters that show up in news headlines and photos. More »

Lent is a season rich in symbols and meaning. Here are some suggested ways to help you and your family grow spiritually during Lent. Choose the ones you think your family would enjoy the most. More »