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Marriage & Family Resource Articles

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My fingers furiously flipped through a hardcover edition of "Butler’s Lives of the Saints". “Daddy’s original plan” for my kindergartner to be the patron saint of dancers for the All Saints parade had blown up in my face. More »

I grew up in a big family, with grandparents and cousins nearby. Life was a round of family visits and gatherings, with twenty people jammed around the table for holidays. Then my husband and I moved away to a big city where I hardly knew a soul. I was terribly homesick and missed my family desperately. But at least, I still had “Days of Our Lives”! More »

As parents, you help your children to build a strong faith, get a strong education, and develop a strong and healthy body. Do you also consider how to help them build a strong career path? This isn’t just about having a good job and financial security. More »

We live near the ocean. In our part of the world, residents of coastal communities don’t have to worry much about tsunamis. Our concern is erosion. More »

He looked so small and helpless lying face up in that hospital bed. The crisp, laundered sheets covered his little body and I could barely see his face peering over them. More »