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Marriage & Family Resource Articles

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It would be great if husbands and wives were always at the same place along the same spiritual path, but life is often much more complicated. Ecumenical, or “mixed” marriages have become commonplace, and even couples who are both Catholic can find themselves growing apart spiritually. More »

In their recent book "Sharing the Faith That You Love", popular Catholic authors and evangelists John and Therese Boucher share episodes from their own lives that illustrate how God works in us and through us when we open ourselves to his grace and to the leadings of his Spirit: More »

Husbands, Love Your Wives!

While attending a marriage seminar on communication, Joe and his wife, Julie, listened to the instructor declare, “It is essential that each of you know what things are important to your spouse.” More »

I typically conclude my daily morning prayer with intercessions. I take about ten minutes to pray for family, friends, the sick, people who have asked me for prayer, and people that the Holy Spirit has brought to my attention. I entrust each person to the care of the Lord, who knows better than I do what each one needs most. I regard this intercessory prayer as part of my commitment as a follower of Christ. I see it as way of drawing others close to the Lord, which is my responsibility as his disciple. More »

Every year when our children were growing up, I used to feel ambushed by summer. As school came to an end and our regular schedule disappeared, it was a struggle to change gears and begin dealing with that familiar question: “I’m bored, Mom, what can I do?” More »

Few public figures in modern times have grasped the imagination of the world as Pope Francis has. His charm, his sincerity, and his ability to express profound concepts in a down-to-earth way have won him the respect and attention of millions. More »