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Marriage & Family Resource Articles

Marriage & Family Resource Articles

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As the new school year begins, parenting magazines, chat rooms, and talk shows come alive with suggestions for success in the schoolroom. There’s enthusiasm, and often good advice, for parent-teacher teamwork, helping kids learn, believing in your child’s potential, and making this “the best school year ever.” More »

We honor Augustine of Hippo as one of the great saints of the Church. Aside from the biblical authors, he is the writer most often cited in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It was he who laid theological foundations for the Church’s doctrine of marriage, and it was he who gave moral thinkers a vocabulary for the discussion of sexual ethics. More »

It would be great if husbands and wives were always at the same place along the same spiritual path, but life is often much more complicated. Ecumenical, or “mixed” marriages have become commonplace, and even couples who are both Catholic can find themselves growing apart spiritually. More »

In their recent book "Sharing the Faith That You Love", popular Catholic authors and evangelists John and Therese Boucher share episodes from their own lives that illustrate how God works in us and through us when we open ourselves to his grace and to the leadings of his Spirit: More »