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Marriage & Family Resource Articles

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Imitating the Holy Family

Like many parents, every day my wife and I face real and challenging issues in our family. We have two teenage sons and three younger children. Like many families, our children fight and bicker. More »


"Just say no.” The familiar statement to deter kids from using drugs has become my husband’s battle cry. More »

There I sat, with our two-month-old daughter strapped in the baby carrier, discussing my rights and options with a divorce attorney, while my parents watched our two-year-old son at their home. More »

A friend of mine, the mother of eight young children, used to save money by purchasing food in large quantities. One day she set down a fifty-pound bag of flour and it broke open, scattering flour everywhere. More »

When my wife and I began taking groups of pilgrims overseas some years ago, we prepared for each trip by making an exhaustive search of every local site that might be of interest to Catholics. It was fun to discover a shrine, church, monument, or memorial that we could work into each group’s travel itinerary. More »

Master builder that he is, God delights in establishing families on the most solid of foundations—his love and grace. He loves working from the bottom up, restoring the foundation so that the entire building can stand tall and strong. More »