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Saints & Heroes Resource Articles

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In the frigid predawn darkness, a lone figure stood immobile in the snow: a young woman, oblivious to the cold, oblivious to the hour, alone with her God. She was just twenty-four years old, and her fragile health was failing. But her health had never been good, so why mind that now? What were these present sufferings compared to the life that awaited her? More »

Pressing On to Win the Prize

The man whom Bible readers know by both the Semitic name “Saul” and the Greco-Roman name “Paul” was born into a setting that dovetailed two dramatically different cultures: the Judaism of Jerusalem and the Greco-Roman world of Damascus. More »

The Birth of St. John the Baptist

Do not be afraid, Zechariah, for your prayer is heard, and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you shall call his name John. (Luke 1:13) More »

The Eucharist, Vast Depths of Love

Those who receive Communion lose themselves in God like a drop of water in the ocean: It’s impossible to separate them anymore. . . . In these vast depths of love, there’s enough to lose yourself for eternity.—St. John Vianney More »

Free, educated, and beautiful, Henriette Delille enjoyed the highest status possible for a black woman in a slave state before the Civil War. Yet, out of love for God, Henriette chose to exchange a life of relative ease and wealth for one of poverty and struggle. More »

The Communist interrogator couldn’t stand it any longer. “Admit it!” he shouted to the priest, “You’re part of a Vatican plot! You’re nothing more than an Imperialist lackey!” But the newly appointed archbishop of Saigon, Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan, answered quietly and directly, “No. I will not admit anything of the kind.” More »

The first time Christ uttered the word “Abba” on this earth, he was likely looking into the eyes of St. Joseph, which is a point that is worthy of mention. God the Father could have chosen to allow the Blessed Virgin to live and work as a single mother. More »