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Saints & Heroes Resource Articles

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Turning to Look at God

We may not be very good lovers of God now, but as St. Teresa of Avila assures us, God will continue to transform us more and more. More »

The Priest in Work Clothes

Three characteristics emerged during Blessed Francis Seelos’ youth—cheerfulness, gentleness, and charitableness—which remained with him throughout life. More »

Reaching Out in Faith

Today God continues to work miracles in our midst to bring us healing, wholeness, and deeper conversion to him. More »

“Late Have I Loved You”

St. Augustine’s journey to God took longer than he may have wished, but the Lord wasted no time in transforming Augustine’s natural passion, energy and brilliance to serve him and his church. More »

God’s Song of Love

God’s love for us stands at the heart of our faith—a love that moves us to love him in return and to love one another. More »