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Saints & Heroes Resource Articles

Saints & Heroes Resource Articles

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St. Barnabas, Apostle

Throughout his Christian life, Barnabas showed the heart of a true disciple of Jesus, demonstrating the characteristics that Jesus taught his first followers. More »

The Apostle to Rome

Known as the “apostle to Rome,” Philip left his imprint on his adopted city and on the world by reflecting the love, joy and humility of Christ. More »

He Saw and Believed

Jesus wants to give each of us a full and joy-filled resurrection faith, like the faith of the apostle John. More »

My Lord and My God!

The apostle Thomas was a man of deep faith and strong commitment to the Lord and the gospel! More »

A Saint with a Heart for Justice

With great courage and confidence in God’s grace, St. Katharine Drexel chose to give not just her fortune but her whole life totally to the Lord. More »