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Saints & Heroes Resource Articles

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The Chair of St. Peter

Let us look to Peter as an example of faith. Jesus can use even the weakest people to build his church, as long as they respond to his grace of faith. More »

From Slave to Saint

St. Josephine—a woman transformed by Christ’s love and forgiveness—is a messenger of reconciliation. More »

The Healing Power of Faith

By his intercession and the example of his life, St. André encourages us to put our faith in God and open the door to his healing and transforming power. More »

Meet St. Nicholas the Wonder-Worker

God worked through St. Nicholas of Myra in miraculous ways to save people in desperate straits—among them children, sailors, prisoners, travelers, and the poor. More »

Doing What Needed to Be Done

Mother Cabrini believed absolutely that she could do all things in Christ who strengthened her—pressing forward immediately from prayer to action. More »