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Saints & Heroes Resource Articles

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The Martyrdom of Polycarp

“This indeed was one of God’s chosen ones—the amazing martyr, Polycarp, an apostolic and prophetic teacher in our time, bishop of the Catholic Church in Smyrna.” More »

A Model Youth Worker

One woman's heart yearned for college students to catch fire with love for God. She found inspiration wtih St. John Bosco—a champion of the youth in Turin, Italy. His friendship and prayerful love for boys in trouble will intrigue anyone with a desire to reach young people. More »

The Holy Family’s Flight into Egypt

We know the story about Mary and Joseph taking their newborn child and fleeing to Egypt to escape Herod’s wrath. But this journey—and each of the other journeys recounted during Christmas—has much to teach us about our own journey of faith.
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Ruth, Honored among the Forebears of Christ the Messiah

Ruth is one of the people in Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus’ ancestors—a reading that prepares us for Christ’s nativity. Through the Book of Ruth, we encounter this woman who upended the cultural expectations of her time. More »

St. Andrew the Apostle

Andrew's heart burned with love for Jesus, to the point that he was honored to share in the same death on the cross. Do you desire to love Jesus more intensely? More »

Prisoner of Jesus Christ

When Theophane Vénard was nine years old, he read the story about a priest from his own province who had been beheaded in 1837—only two years earlier—in Southeast Asia. More »