Dear God’s Word Today subscriber,

As times and economies change, so do publishing options, and it has now become time for us to retire God’s Word Today. The June 2010 issue is the final issue of God’s Word Today.

To help you continue in your love of God’s word, we have arranged to have The Word Among Us sent to you for the remainder of your subscription. We selected The Word Among Us because this publication has the same appreciation and love for the Scriptures as you have come to expect in God’s Word Today. Our two magazines may feel different, but they have similar roots, similar goals, and some of the same authors. We could not have chosen a better home for you to continue in your journey with the Bible.

We thank you for your faithfulness to Scripture and for seeking to hear God’s voice through his word. We know and trust that God will bless you as you grow closer to him in his word.

In Christ,

Bret Thomas
Publisher, God’s Word Today

Greetings and welcome to The Word Among Us.

We have been asked to fulfill your remaining subscription to God’s Word Today – and we are honored to do so. Your continued subscription requires no action on your part.

The Word Among Us cover

The Word Among Us plus Complete Catholic Mass Supplement is the most popular Catholic monthly Scripture magazine, and we hope you will find the same love of Scripture and the same practical desire to assist Catholics in living out the gospel as you have found in God’s Word Today.

Just as you have done for many years, I encourage you to take ten minutes each day to read the daily Scriptures and the daily message in The Word Among Us. If you have any questions about your subscription or if you would like to speak to a Word Among Us representative, please feel free to call us at 1-800-775- 9673 and identify yourself as a God’s Word Today reader.

Sincerely in the Lord,

Jeff Smith
President, The Word Among Us