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Meditation: Matthew 13:44-46

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Saint Peter Chrysologus, Bishop and Doctor of the Church

The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure. (Matthew 13:44)

There’s one thing about the treasure seekers and merchants in today’s Gospel: they recognized a good thing when they saw it. They grasped the value of the treasure before them, and they did everything possible to lay hold of it. This parable wouldn’t make any sense if the seekers didn’t understand what they had found. They would have passed it over without another thought. But how could they do that? They had found a great treasure, an incomparable pearl! Of course they would sell everything so that they could acquire it.

God’s life in you is that treasure. And he wants to show you just how valuable it is. He wants you to understand it with such depth and clarity that you won’t hesitate to throw aside anything that keeps you from experiencing its fullness. So keep your eyes open for the glimpses he will give you of the different ways he is at work in your life. The more you see, the more you will want to embrace his work by cooperating with him more fully.

You can probably think of a time when you felt led to speak to someone, and in retrospect you felt sure that the Holy Spirit had used you to comfort or encourage them in a specific way. Wasn’t that an awesome feeling? It probably made you more alert to other opportunities, didn’t it? Or think about a really good confession, a time when you had a deep encounter with God’s mercy and experienced a real sense of renewal and hope. It probably helped make you more comfortable with the sacrament. Or when you saw the healing that came from your attempt to reconcile with someone after an argument—didn’t that make it worth letting go of a grudge or resentment?

Let God surprise you by showing you how much he’s doing in your life! Let him convince you of the power of his transforming love. Let him inspire you to do all you can to welcome him into every area of your life.

“Father, you are worth more than anything else in my life. Open my eyes to the treasure of your work in me so that I can cast off anything of lesser value!”

Jeremiah 15:10, 16-21; Psalm 59:2-4, 10-11, 17-18

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