The Word Among Us

October 2004 Issue


Millions of people drink coffee every morning. For many of them, it’s the one sure thing that will get their “batteries” charged for the day. More »

Special things happen when people gather to celebrate the Sabbath. On one particular day around the year a.d. 50, a group of women gathered by the river outside their city of Philippi to observe the Sabbath. More »

The story of Cornelius in Acts 10 is a dramatic illustration of how deeply God wants to reach out to everyone. More »

Special Feature

I confess to being a Grinch when it comes to Advent—more precisely, to the way the retailers’ and party-throwers’ Christmas tends to usurp the holy season that is supposed to prepare for it. In our family, we remind the children that the Christmas season begins rather than ends on December 25, so we decorate our tree on Christmas Eve. More »

In the cool darkness of a Moscow night I stood, my face bathed in the warm light of the long, thin candle in my hand. More »