The Word Among Us

November 2004 Issue


The lectionary this year offers us the broadest selection of excerpts from the Book of Revelation that we ever hear at Mass in any liturgical cycle. More »

In recent years, the Book of Revelation and its dramatic end-of-the-world imagery have attracted the rapt attention of thousands of fundamentalist believers. More »

The Book of Revelation seems to be filled with prayers of worship, adoration, and praise. Even in the parts that describe the violent upheavals of the end of the world, the angels and saints in heaven are still singing joyful songs of victory and love to Jesus. More »

There’s a religious goods company that sells saint dolls—cuddly figures with sweet smiles, designed to join the stuffed animals on a young child’s bed. Featured saints include Francis of Assisi and Thérèse of Lisieux. It is unlikely that St. Jerome will ever be included in the set. More »

When I was a boy growing up in Hungary, my mother introduced our family to the tradition of praying Psalm 91 every evening—and it’s a good thing she did. I memorized it, and it has guided and protected me throughout my life. More »