The Word Among Us

June 2005 Issue


From the very beginning of time, when God first created the universe, his intention was that we would all come to him to receive the grace, wisdom, and strength we needed. The Book of Genesis uses the image of the two trees in the Garden of Eden to convey this central truth: The tree of life held all the treasures of his divine plan, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil supported the philosophy that we could decide for ourselves what was right or wrong—we didn't need to be fed and sustained by God. More »

Every Sunday, millions of people around the world participate in Mass. While a particular liturgical celebration may have a lector who mumbles, a boring homily, or off-key music, most who are in the congregation don't mind. They tend to be very patient and forgiving because they have come to Mass, first and foremost, to receive the Eucharist. It's the Bread of Life that draws them, and it's the Bread that continues to draw them back—over and over again. More »

In some churches, when the morning sun is bright, the people celebrating Mass might observe a rainbow effect as the sun's rays shine through the church's windows. Like a rainbow, it's a reminder that God is always with us. His covenant love—manifested in the rainbow—is one of the most beautiful images we can have as we receive Jesus in the Eucharist More »

Special Feature

"Stay with us, Lord, for it is almost evening" (Luke 24:29). This was the insistent invitation that the two disciples journeying to Emmaus on the evening of the day of the resurrection addressed to the Wayfarer who had accompanied them on their journey. Weighed down with sadness, they never imagined that this stranger was none other than their Master, risen from the dead. Yet they felt their hearts burning within them as he spoke to them and "explained" the Scriptures. The light of the Word unlocked the hardness of their hearts and "opened their eyes" (24:31). Amid the shadows of the passing day and the darkness that clouded their spirit, the Wayfarer brought a ray of light which rekindled their hope and led their hearts to yearn for the fullness of light. More »

Scripture tells us that "faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen" (Hebrews 11:1). There are times, though, when faith makes the invisible visible and allows us to see—to view others in a light so different that they are transformed. Then, unattractiveness becomes beauty, repulsiveness less distasteful. More »

All scripture is inspired by God." Quick—Do you know where that passage comes from? If you said 2 Timothy 3:16, you're right. Now, what else can you say about 2 Timothy? More »