The Word Among Us

Easter 2006 Issue


Before he left his disciples and ascended to heaven, Jesus promised to send his Holy Spirit to enliven their faith, to give them wisdom, and to console them in times of need. And from that point on, believers have come to understand that we all need the Holy Spirit to live out our faith and to be the Lord’s witness. In fact, we could easily expand on Paul’s famous quote from Ephesians 2:4 and say, "He who made us alive by the resurrection now keeps us alive by the power of the Holy Spirit." More »

Tom and Ann, two members of their parish’s prison outreach team, joined Fr. Joe one Sunday as he celebrated Mass for the men in a local correctional institution. The couple and the priest joined about one hundred Catholic inmates in singing, praising the Lord, hearing the word of God, and receiving the Eucharist. After Mass, they all gathered together for refreshments, a Bible study, and some story-telling. Throughout that afternoon, Tom and Ann, along with Fr. Joe and the inmates, all experienced the blessings of community. They were all refreshed and lifted up by God’s presence in their midst. More »

new - adj. not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently for the first time; already existing but seen, experienced, or acquired recently for the first time; just beginning and regarded as better than what went before. More »

Special Feature

The girl was walking in the fields some ways off from her home, when two strangers appeared and asked her to pick them some fruit. Brought up to show courtesy to adults, the nine-year-old hurried to obey. Not until she was in the forest did she realize it was a trick. More »