The Word Among Us

June 2006 Issue


A recent study by scientists at University College in London gave proof to the saying that love is blind. Researchers studying the brain found that feelings of love can lead to a suppression of activity in the areas of the brain that control critical and judgmental thoughts. More »

Which of the following people actually encountered Jesus when they came to their church and sat before the Blessed Sacrament in adoration? More »

It is moving for me to see how everywhere in the Church the joy of Eucharistic adoration is reawakening and being fruitful. In the period of liturgical reform, Mass and adoration outside it were often seen as in opposition to one another: It was thought that the Eucharistic Bread had not been given to us to be contemplated, but to be eaten, as a widespread objection claimed at that time. More »

Human reason and logic are wonderful gifts from God. Without them, we wouldn't be able to survive. And like all the other gifts he has given, God wants to see us develop these as well. He loves watching us apply clear thinking to all aspects of our lives: our families, our work, even our faith. He wants us to learn how to "reason in faith" by taking the truths he has revealed to us and applying them to our own philosophy of life and to the decisions we face every day. More »

Special Feature

Eleven years ago, my husband and I were peeling potatoes for a dinner for the residents of Gift of Peace, a home for the dying in Washington, D.C. Gift of Peace is one of the many homes scattered across the world that were founded by Mother Teresa and staffed with the loving presence of her sisters. The sisters responded with warm enthusiasm when they learned that I was pregnant. They decided to say a rosary—to accompany the work on the potatoes—for the child growing in my womb. More »

When we have received our Lord and have him in our body, let us not then let him be alone. Let us not go out and be busy about other things and think no more about him. Anyone who would serve a guest this way is doing him little good. More »

Just a few years ago, my life seemed perfect. I had a great job with excellent pay, an awesome family, a beautiful house, and loving and trusted friends. Then my husband's company offered him a position in Denver, Colorado. More »

St. Thomas More is widely known as "a man for all seasons," but he is best known for the final season of his life. A prominent government official when Henry VIII seized control over the church in England, Thomas refused to go along with the power grab. For that, Henry had him executed, in July 1535. More »