The Word Among Us

July 2007 Issue

Publisher's Letter

Did you know that the Hebrew word selah occurs seventy times in thirty-nine of the psalms? While we don’t know for certain what it means, many biblical scholars believe that selah was a musical term used to indicate a pause in a song, whether for emphasis or for reflection. More »


Psalm 23 is probably the best known of all the psalms. With its images of rest, refreshment, and peace, it encourages us to trust our heavenly Father in all situations. It also points us in a very moving way to Jesus, the Good Shepherd who restores our souls and protects us in times of trouble. More »

Have you ever liked a movie so much that you simply had to see it a second, or even a third time? Have you ever noticed how, on that second or third viewing, you were able to pick up on more clues about the way the movie would end? More »

Go into any bookstore today, and you will find rows and rows of self-help books. Writers of these books will try to tell you who you are, who you think you are, and who you can become. More »

Special Feature

On March 20, Lawrence Edward Buckner marked his twenty-seventh birthday with some of his friends. It wasn’t exactly a celebration, though, because they were all locked up at the county jail. It was Larry’s fifth straight birthday behind bars. More »

Among the glories of the Middle Ages were the illuminated Bibles created by the great cathedrals and abbeys of Europe. They were years in the making, extremely costly, and stupendously beautiful. More »

I was fixing supper one evening, with the TV blaring in the background, when I heard a woman’s voice say, "There’s no phone, no radio, no TV, and it’s quiet for twenty-four hours." That caught my attention, and I turned to watch. More »