The Word Among Us

August 2007 Issue

Publisher's Letter

All over town, the word was spreading: "Did you hear? Jesus of Nazareth has accepted Simon the Pharisee’s invitation and is going to have dinner with him tonight." More »


A man went into a department store to buy some perfume for his wife. He was amazed—and more than a little intimidated—by the fact that he found more than forty different scents and brands. It took him nearly an hour to make his final decision. And even then, he wasn’t sure his wife would like it! More »

Have you ever wondered what it must have felt like for the sinful woman to come into Simon’s house and anoint Jesus’ feet? First of all, she knew that everyone who had gathered there (aside from Jesus, that is) had already condemned her. More »

We invite people over to dinner for a variety of reasons—maybe for a night with our neighbors or friends, or for a special celebration like a birthday party or wedding reception. Sometimes people seek to do business during social events like these, or perhaps they are trying to get to know each other better. More »

Special Feature

"Here’s something you might want to do," said my husband, as we left church one Sunday. He pointed to an item in the parish bulletin: Has your life ever been touched by the Sisters of St. Joseph? More »

What would happen if a country’s medical schools were suddenly shut down and forbidden to reopen? No new doctors would be in training to take the place of those who retired. Medical research for aids, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases would come to a dead stop. More »