The Word Among Us

Easter 2008 Issue

Bread for the Journey

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Publisher's Letter

Let me begin this letter by wishing everyone a happy and blessed Easter. May the peace of the risen Lord be with all of you and your families. May he bless all of you, and may his face shine upon you. More »


Bread for 
the Journey

Forced to run away from Queen Jezebel’s murderous plots, the prophet Elijah was completely discouraged. “This is enough, O Lord,” he prayed. “Take my life.” But rather than comply with this request, God answered by feeding Elijah and empowering him to take a long journey to safety in the desert (1 Kings 19:1-13). More »

A woman stands looking at her reflection in the mirror. So much had changed in the year since she got married: a new home, a loving husband, and now, a baby about to be born. She knows that many countless challenges lie ahead, but she also knows that many joys and new discoveries await her as well. And the thought of these challenges energizes her. More »

We, they said, were hoping that it was he that would redeem Israel (Luke 24:21). O my dear disciples, you were hoping! So now you’re no longer hoping? Look, Christ is alive; is hope dead in you? Certainly, certainly, Christ is alive. Christ, being alive, found the hearts of his disciples dead, appearing to their eyes, and not appearing. More »

“Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled.”

Have you ever read a newspaper story about a prison inmate who was facing execution? Or perhaps you’ve seen a movie that depicts a convict on death row. It’s a very intense situation, and the condemned man tends to be solemn, quiet, and reflective. More »

Special Feature

On a hot summer day in 1978, while our family was out for a drive, I “met” a saint who changed my life. Because he has led me closer to the Lord, I have tried to introduce others to him ever since—most recently in my book, Praying with Padre Pio. More »

Stranger in the House

My parents married in 1942, while my father was going through Army Basic Training. I was born shortly before Dad was shipped off to serve in World War II, and he met me for the first time during a short leave. I’m told I cried night and day while he was home—not a good first impression! More »

Seeking the Face of God

Your face, Lord, do I seek! 
Do not hide your face from me! (Psalm 27:8-9) Let me see your face. (Psalm 17:15) When can I go and see the 
face of God? (Psalm 42:3) More »