The Word Among Us

July 2008 Issue

You Will Receive Power

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Publisher's Letter

On Sunday, July 20, Pope Benedict XVI will be in Sydney, Australia, celebrating a Mass with 500,000 young people from all over the globe. This Mass will be the culmination of three whole years of preparation for World Youth Day 2008 (WYD). More »


You Will Receive Power

You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses (Acts 1:8). More »

God So Loved the World . . .

Two decades ago, Pope John Paul II initiated a plan to reach out to young people by holding World Youth Day pilgrimages. His efforts have brought millions of young men and women together with the goal of celebrating Jesus and building one another up in their faith. More »

A Lamp and a Light

In 1985, Pope John Paul II announced a new initiative that would go down as a milestone in church history: an international pilgrimage with young people from all over the world. More »

Special Feature

Jack and Elizabeth (names have been changed) were engaged and living together when they asked me to marry them. They were a very sincere young couple who wanted a better understanding of their Catholic faith and help for living it out. In fact, during Jack's first conversation with me, he expressed a desire to be confirmed before their wedding. More »

Who? Me? Go to WYD?

Going to World Youth Day 2005 was one of those huge, life-changing decisions that you make in a split second. When a friend told me about it, my first thought was, “This could be a turning point!" More »

Secrets of the Heart

Teens and twenty-somethings from around the world are converging on Australia this month for World Youth Day. Among early photos of Karol and Agnes, two in particular would make great WYD posters. One, dated 1928, shows Agnes at eighteen, recently graduated from high school. The other, from about 1940, shows Karol, age nineteen, after a year at the university. More »