The Word Among Us

September 2008 Issue

All Things to All People

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Publisher's Letter

Like many of you, I consider the apostle Paul to be one of my favorite saints. I marvel at his theological development. I marvel at the tireless way he founded and built so many churches. I marvel at his courage and determination. In short, St. Paul is my hero. More »


My Relationship with Paul

St. Paul is given more prominence in the Bible than any other disciple of Jesus. Not only are thirteen of the twenty-seven books of the New Testament attributed to him but the Acts of the Apostles features his life as well—and he even wins mention in 2 Peter 3:15. More »

Witness to a Transformed Life

St. Paul was probably the greatest evangelist in the history of the church. He took the gospel from Jerusalem and spread it far and wide. Paul was a master builder, for he not only evangelized people: He challenged them to grow in holiness, and he formed churches wherever he went. More »

Apostle to the Gentiles

Is there anyone among the first Christians more famous than St. Paul? This man of God traveled the world, broke cultural barriers, wrote some of our most enduring literature, and established a network of churches that would forever change the face of Europe and the Middle East. Beginning on June 28 of this year, Pope Benedict XVI sought to honor this "apostle to the nations" by dedicating an entire year to St. Paul. More »

Special Feature

About forty years ago, the Second Vatican Council invited all believers to set out on an adventure. While the adventure began with what seemed like a dutiful task—reading Scripture diligently—the destination was nothing short of life-changing: a personal encounter with Almighty God (On Divine Revelation, 25). More »

Saying Good-bye to Grandma Grace

My mother called with the news one cold October night. "Hello, Janet? I just wanted you to know that Grandma Grace is dying." She continued with details of how Grandma had begun refusing food two days before. More »

A Woman on a Mission

They prayed in the street out front. It was, really, all they could do. The buildings were in shambles, cheerless and institutional. The property stood neglected and overrun with weeds. The fences sagged drunkenly, where they stood at all. There were no staff, no supplies, no endowment, no funding whatsoever. Just a few people praying. More »