The Word Among Us

June 2009 Issue

Their Eyes Were Opened

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Publisher's Letter

Last October, when the twelfth worldwide synod of bishops opened in Rome, I was really excited. If you have read my letters over the past year, you know that we began The Word Among Us out of a desire to follow Jesus’ words: “You give them something to eat” (Mark 6:37, RSV). The “something” that we wanted to give was the relationship with the Lord that comes as we read, study, and meditate on his word in Scripture. More »


From Story to Doctrine to Encounter

In our first article, we talked about how the two disciples on the road to Emmaus had their faith rekindled as they talked with Jesus. More »

Living and Active

At the recent Synod on the Word of God, the bishops talked about the many ways that God speaks to his people—the ways that his “word” goes forth into creation. As we have seen, the primary focus of the bishops was on the Bible as the word of God. More »

From the Written Word to the Living Word

Last October, bishops from around the world gathered in Rome for a synod on “The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church.” You would think that a gathering with a title like that would focus on encouraging people to read the Bible. More »

Special Feature

Give me a choice, and I will always go for a movie, play, or TV show that is based on a true story. If I know that a story arises out of real life, I just naturally expect to learn more and to be more inspired and challenged. More »

A Different Kind of Litany

"I'm looking for people to sign up for adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Could you commit to one hour on Tuesdays?" Gloria's sparkling, dark eyes attempt to corner my evasive look. More »

“I Have Finished the Race”

"We have some wonderful memories," I said as Brother Art lay on his deathbed. "Yes, some wonderful memories," he replied, almost as if singing. More »