The Word Among Us

September 2009 Issue

Beyond the "Dark Night"

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The Holier, the Gentler

John of the Cross is one of the “greats” in the long line of saints who wrote and taught about what it is like to experience God. More »

A Human Path to God

As I mentioned in my previous article, the demands and the apparent harshness of the path that St. John of the Cross suggests in his writings can seem overwhelming. More »

Transformed by Love

When people read John of the Cross’ two books, Ascent of Mount Carmel or Dark Night of the Soul, they tend to come away overwhelmed. More »

Special Feature

Renewal in the Midst of the Daily Grind

Unfortunately, it was not an unusual scene: Working from home and feeling a bit sluggish one day, I went to the kitchen for coffee and found the pot empty. More »

Ripple Effect Evangelism

Twenty-five years ago, while making a long drive to my grandmother’s funeral in Massachusetts, I stopped for the night to visit my brother. More »