The Word Among Us

April/May 2010 Issue

Living Icons of Christ

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Publisher's Letter

Priests have been an instrumental part of my life since I was a boy. Our pastor, Fr. Cahill, trained me to be an altar boy. He even taught me Latin. More »


A Royal Priesthood

priest\prest\n: one authorized to perform the sacred rites of a religion esp. as a mediatory agent between man and God; specif: an Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, or Roman Catholic clergyman ranking below a bishop and above a deacon. More »

Living Icons of Christ

Called to mediate the presence of Christ in the world, priests are set apart to serve the church in every way: as reconciler, as healer, as teacher, and as friend. This is a demanding and often thankless calling. It is also a calling that would be impossible without the grace they receive from the Lord—especially the grace that comes from celebrating the Eucharist. More »

Turning a Mountain of Garbage into a Monument of Hope

Ten years ago, Fr. Jim Hewes read a newspaper article that changed his life. It was about poor people in the Philippines, outside Manila, who existed by scavenging through garbage on a seven-story-high municipal dump. More »

Special Feature

The Priest Who Died Three Times

The first time Walter Ciszek "died" was in 1947. The American Jesuit had disappeared in 1940, shortly after slipping into Communist Russia to work as an underground priest. After seven years, his family and religious community gave him up for dead. More »

Seven Weeks of Easter

Easter is the most important feast of the Christian year—so important that the church sets aside a full fifty days to celebrate Jesus’ victory over sin and death. Not many of us are used to sustaining an "Easter spirit" of celebration all the way to Pentecost, though, so here are fifty easy suggestions. Don’t try to do them all! Each week, just pick a few ideas that work for you and your family. You’ll be rejoicing long after the last jelly bean is gone. More »

Suprised by Priests

When I picked up this book of stories and testimonies from priests, I simply intended to skim it and make a list of people who might profit by reading it. (Is it ever too early to start on my Christmas list?) Our parish priests, of course, and some other priest friends. Perhaps our only unmarried son. Hmm . . . any other promising young men? More »