The Word Among Us

Advent 2011 Issue

Publisher's Letter

Get Ready!

Christmas is much more than the celebration of the historical event of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. More »


Prepare Ye the Way!

“Don’t worry about it,” Tyler told the radar operator. He thought it was a group of U.S. B-17 bombers com­ing in from the mainland. More »

I Know the Plans I Have For You

If you own a Nativity scene, go take a look at it. Think about all the people whose lives were changed as a result of Jesus’ con­ception and birth. Joseph and Mary were certainly changed. More »

He Is Our Salvation

Scripture tells us that “the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us” (John 1:14). Every Christmas, we celebrate the Son of God coming among us as a helpless baby. More »

Clear a Path!

"Prepare the way of the Lord! (Mark 1:3)" With these words, John the Baptist called the people of Israel to examine their hearts and repent of their sin. More »

Special Feature

I Belong!

Advent is all about welcome—about preparing a way for the Lord and being received as members of Jesus’ family gathered at the manger. It’s about recognizing Christ in the people around us and welcoming them as openly as he would. It’s about removing every barrier and obstacle to the Spirit’s work. More »

Christmas Did You Know?

496. Clovis I, the king of the Franks, one of the tribes of Gaul (as France was then called) was baptized on Christmas Day along with three thousand of his followers. More »

Make Room for Christ

Dorothy Day (1897-1980) “was not a ‘gingerbread saint’ or a ‘holy card saint,’” observed the late Cardinal John O’Connor of New York. A journalist, activist, and pacifist, she championed the poor, embraced pov­erty, and worked for social change in a way that made many uncomfort­able. Cardinal O’Connor went on: “She was a radical precisely because she was a believer. . . . If any woman ever loved God and her neighbor, it was Dorothy Day!” More »