The Word Among Us

February 2012 Issue

Publisher's Letter

We Can Know God!

During my high school years, I attended an all male Catholic military school in Washington, D.C. The teachers and staff were always tell­ing us that we needed to become men of character. More »


A God of Mercy and Love

Who is God? Philosophers have puzzled over this question for thousands of years. And they’re still puzzling! It’s the one question that never really goes away. More »

A God of Wisdom and Goodness

If someone were to ask you to name the five wisest people you know, who would you choose? Perhaps a favorite teacher who passed on to you a love for learning and discovery. More »

A God of Faithfulness and Justice

It must have been tough to be an ancient Greek—especially if you were religious. Not only did you have to sacrifice to a number of dif­ferent gods, but you never knew for sure what these gods were going to do. More »

Special Feature

An Artisan of Peace

For Westerners, who don’t often hear “Arab” and “Christian” mentioned in the same breath, it may be strange to hear about one Arab Christian—Charbel Makhlouf—who is also a canonized saint. More »

My Personal Jericho

When I consider my faith journey, I can’t help but think of those hapless Israelites who were stuck in the desert for forty years after being led out of Egypt. For me, too, it was about forty years before I took my first baby steps into the promised land of a living faith in God. More »

A Ministry of Presence

The Archdiocese for the Military Services USA is unlike any other diocese in the country. It serves military personnel and families at 220 installations in 29 countries, as well as patients in 153 veterans’ hospitals. It is also responsible for federal employees serving in 180 countries. Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio, who was installed in 2008, writes about the unique challenges facing the archdiocese and his hopes for the future. More »