The Word Among Us

Easter 2012 Issue

Stories of the Spirit

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The Season of the Spirit

Fifty days. That’s only 14 per­cent of one year. One and three-quarters of a month. Just over one-half of a season like spring or summer. That’s how long the Easter season is. That’s how much time we have between Easter, when we celebrate Jesus’ resurrec­tion, and Pentecost, when we are invited to receive a fresh outpour­ing of the Holy Spirit in our lives. More »

Expert Advice

In the previous article, we described four simple steps that will help us yield to the Spirit and sense his working in our lives. As you can probably guess, we didn’t come up with these steps on our own. More »

The Story Continues

The Book of Acts is filled with stories of miraculous healings, dramatic conversions, and adventurous missionary journeys. People from differ­ent backgrounds were dramatically changed by the Holy Spirit as the apostles preached the good news of Jesus throughout the Roman Empire. More »

The Blessings of Hidden Fruit

As we saw in our first article, the Holy Spirit loves to fill his people, to surprise them and direct them in their lives—just as he did for the apostles and the first Christians. More »

Special Feature

A Flood Tide of Mercy

Eighteen-year old Helen Kowalska had things on her mind as she attended a dance in Lodz, Poland. She was doing her best to forget them, dancing gaily with her sister and friends, when her merriment came to a halt. As she later wrote, “I suddenly saw Jesus at my side. Jesus racked with pain, stripped of his clothing, all covered with wounds, who spoke these words to me: ‘How long . . . will you keep putting me off?’” More »

Getting to Know My Mother

A loving mother nurtures and cares for her children in countless ways, many of them hidden and unnoticed. And sometimes, it’s not until those children reach maturity that they begin to appreciate her and understand what she has done for them. In my relationship with Mary, I was one of those late bloomers. More »

The Right Tool for the Job

Who doesn’t love a tool that works? Whether you’re a master carver wielding a specialized chisel or a kid using a child-size hammer to pound your first nail, the right tool makes all the difference. More »