The Word Among Us

June 2012 Issue


A Sign That Heals

We live in a world filled with signs. First, there are the obvious ones like road signs and the signs that tell us a store’s hours. More »

Which Is Easier?

At some point between the writing of this article and its printing, the world population passed the 7 billion mark. So let’s do some math. If we imagine that, on average, each person commits 10 sins a day, a total of 70 billion sins are committed each day. More »

Conviction? Or Condemnation?

The prosecutor showed a number of pictures from the crime scene. The DNA samples matched the defendant’s profile. Two corroborating witnesses testified against the defendant. When the deliberations were completed, the judge asked the foreman of the jury: “Have you reached a verdict? “Yes we have, your honor,” the foreman replied. “We find the defendant guilty as charged.” More »

A Celebration of Mercy

Priests hearing confessions need to replace any nega­tive or aggressive attitudes with meekness and mercy toward the penitent, said a Vatican expert on confession. More »

Special Feature

Love Opens Many Doors

Eight hundred years ago, on Palm Sunday 1212, a young woman stole out of her home in the dead of night. She wasn’t the first teenager in history to elude her family’s watchful eye, nor would she be the last. More »

My Second Chance

The full moon was beautiful that night. My friend, Larry, and I stood admiring it from the dock of a relative’s cottage on the St. Lawrence River in Ontario. More »

Luncheons for Life

Has God ever inspired you with an idea or a project that made your heart race? Kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament at 3:00 a.m. in his home church in New Orleans, investment banker Mike Hammer had this experience. More »