The Word Among Us

November 2012 Issue

Publisher's Letter

May We Be United in Love

In my family, we have a rule that ev­eryone has learned to accept over the years: it’s okay to dis­agree with each other. It’s okay to discuss our disagree­ments—even passionately. More »


Me against You

When Jesus appointed his twelve disciples, he chose fishermen and tax collectors—everyday tradesmen and the equivalent of office workers. More »

Us against Them

We humans are a funny breed. At one moment, we are arguing with a family member, growing more and more angry. More »

Us against the World

The time had come for Jesus to begin his journey to Jerusalem—and to the cross. He knew that word of his teachings and miracles had gone ahead of him, so he was cautious about entering certain villages. More »

Special Feature

Medieval Woman, Modern Saint

We live in fearful times. A quick glance at the news turns up floods of warnings about economic distress, wars and threats of wars, natural disasters, and dozens of other terrifying possibilities. More »

She Caught My Attention

The other day, I went into Manhattan for a meeting on 31st Street. Afterwards I decided to take a stroll around midtown. It was a beautiful summer day. The tem­perature was just right, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. More »

Prepare for the Coming of the Word

We often think of Advent merely as the four-week period just before Christmas—a time when we look for­ward to Jesus’ coming to live among us. But in reality, this season is a kind of sacrament that can help us be alert for the many different ways Jesus comes to us all year long. More »