The Word Among Us

Lent 2013 Issue

Touched by Mercy, Moved by Love

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Publisher's Letter

Changed by His Glory

When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a professional golfer. And I had a chance. Between the ages of twelve and eighteen I won more than one hundred golf tournaments. More »


Created for Glory

Welcome to Lent! If this doesn’t sound like the most appealing of greetings, you’ve come to the right place. In this special Lenten edition of The Word Among Us, our goal is to help make Lent a little more enjoyable. And we want to do this by focusing on this one promise in the Bible: that we can meet the Lord this Lent. More »

Touched by Mercy, Moved by Love

At the Easter Vigil, we will sing the Gloria once more. This great prayer of praise is suppressed during the Lenten season, but finally, on Holy Saturday, we will join our voices with the angels and saints in expressing our thanks to our heavenly Father. More »

This Is My Body

So much of life is ruled by a set of daily rituals and routines. We wake up in the morning; we wash, comb our hair, then eat—or don’t eat—breakfast. If we have children at home, we get them ready for school, and then we either head off to work or begin our daily chores of housekeeping. More »

Clear Out the Obstacles!

There is nothing else like the season of Lent. For forty days, Catholics throughout the world devote themselves to deepening their relationship with the Lord. More »

Special Feature

St. Mark the Zealous

"MMaaarrrrrrkkkkkkkkk!” She shouted, letting all in our suburban utopia know that my presence was needed at home immediately. I could always tell when my mother was worried about my whereabouts. More »

Come On, God, Give Me a Break!

I was already awake before the alarm clock chimed. Five a.m. Time to get moving. For several months, I had made it a habit to roll from my bed onto my knees and start my day with prayer. More »

We’re All Just Big Kids

My first day of prison was July 22, 2002. I walked into the yard of the world’s largest walled prison, while 250 inmates watched us newcomers file in. More »

Welcoming Children into the Story

When I was asked to review the two latest children’s books by Angela Burrin, I was excited but a bit cautious. I loved her first Jesus Speaks to Me books (one On My First Communion, the other on the Mass), and looked forward to more insightful exposition of the Catholic faith for children from this experienced teacher. More »