The Word Among Us

February 2014 Issue

Friends in High Places

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Publisher's Letter

Friends in High Places

We tend to emulate our heroes, whether our parents, a teacher, a coach, or someone else. We are so impressed by them that we almost instinctively take on their habits and character traits. It’s why so many people dress like their heroes or buy posters or other mementoes of them. More »

Special Feature

A Missionary Princess

I’ve always been intrigued by missionaries, even as I have always known that heading off to a foreign land to spread the gospel was not part of my calling. That’s why I love St. Thérèse of Lisieux, who became the patron of missionaries even though she never ventured more than a few hundred miles from her home in France. More »

Supported by the Saints

One evening in October 2007, as my husband and I were having dinner at a nice restaurant, he tearfully admitted that he was ambivalent about our marriage. I was shocked. We had been married for fifteen years. We prayed the Rosary together frequently. We went to Mass together. We went to Medjugorje three times. We made our Cursillo together. People told us they were inspired by us and thought we were an example of a happy marriage. More »

Planting Seeds of Faith

So Devon, can you tell me about your faith?” The question came as my fiancée, Erin, and I were meeting with her uncle, Fr. Jeff, who would witness our wedding. I swallowed hard and answered, “I guess I really don’t have any faith.” I explained that I had grown up in a church that interpreted the Bible literally. Since I could no longer agree with that approach, I considered myself a person without a faith. More »