The Word Among Us

November 2014 Issue

Publisher's Letter

Behold Your King

I'll never forget the day I met President Ronald Reagan. Well, I didn’t really meet him. Years ago, when I was in graduate school in Washington, DC, I used to park my car at the nearby Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. One night, as I was walking to my car, I saw President Reagan. He must have been heading for a concert there. There he was, only fifteen feet away from me. Our eyes connected, and he smiled, winked, and waved to me. Stunned, I waved back. Then, just a few seconds later, he was escorted into an elevator and out of sight. More »


A Kingdom of Love

Think of all the different “years” we use to help us mark time. For Western countries, there is the Gregorian calendar, which begins on January 1. Then there’s the school year, which runs only nine months for most countries. Many Asian countries follow a lunar calendar, resulting in shorter months. Our Jewish brothers and sisters celebrate their own new year during the feast of Rosh Hashanah in the fall. Then there are businesses. They have their own fiscal years, which can begin with any month, to help them keep track of their finances. And like businesses, countries have fiscal years as well. For the United States and Canada, the fiscal year begins on April 1, while in Great Britain it’s July 1. More »

A Kingdom of Light

Imagine yourself alone in a friend’s country guesthouse in the woods far away from any city or town. Your friend is due to arrive in a few hours, and he has left a key for you under the front mat. So you let yourself in and begin exploring the house. More »

Seek Ye First . . .

The 2006 movie "Amazing Grace" tells the story of William Wilberforce (1759-1833) and his efforts at abolishing slavery in England. As depicted in the film, Wilberforce was a worldly man who enjoyed gambling and drinking until he had a conversion experience at twenty-six years old. That experience of the Lord set him on a new path that eventually led him to become a political activist determined to build the kingdom of God. More »

Special Feature

What If Somebody Did Something?

All around us, if we have eyes to see, there are big and small wrongs that cry out for a courageous response. Maybe you hear gossip that is destroying someone’s reputation. Maybe you become aware that someone is being bullied or exploited or feels desperately alone. Or you find yourself in a situation where prejudice and the status quo are depriving people of opportunities for a better life. More »

Listening from the Last Pew

From August 2002 to June 2003, I lived and walked among the faceless people of the streets. I say “faceless” because when you are homeless, the rest of the world does its very best to look past you. More »


One day I had the chance to spend some time with my dad before heading off to an event in Minnesota. We had coffee and some lunch together, bundled up against the cold weather, and visited a few bookstores, just enjoying one another’s company. He is always trying to give me his sweaters and gloves, and often if I attempt to pay for food or even a whimsical purchase, he beats me to it, insisting that I put my money away for another time. More »