The Word Among Us

Advent 2014 Issue

The Word Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us

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Publisher's Letter

Open Our Eyes, Lord!

Can you imagine the challenge facing Mary and Joseph when God asked them to welcome Jesus into their family? Imagine what it must have felt like for them to step out of their comfort zones and put their faith into action in such a radical way. More »


Come and See

Christmas is a magical time for little children. For weeks, they are wondering about the gifts they will receive. And then finally the day of revelation comes, when they get to see what is in those packages under the tree. More »

Love Begets Love

Do you remember when your first child was born? You were so filled with love that you would have done anything to protect and nurture this tiny little person God had entrusted to you. Just seeing this child sleeping peacefully filled you with a surge of love that you had never experienced before. This was your child, and you wanted nothing more than to love him and to feel the love that he had for you. More »

The Living Word

December is a special month. From the very first day, twinkling lights and festive decorations begin appearing around homes and shopping centers. Candles light up windows. Evergreen trees appear in homes and office buildings. Warm and friendly greeting cards start circulating in the mail. And people begin buying special gifts for loved ones and wrapping them in festive paper. More »

Special Feature

Stranger in a Strange Land

One Friday night in my first term of college, I found myself at a house party with other members of my university women’s singing ensemble. Standing there surrounded by people who were drinking and partying, I suddenly thought, “What am I doing?” More »

A Miracle of the Heart

This is the story of what God did for me in the fall of 2012. Because it happened toward the end of the year and because it affected my whole family, we called it “The Morris Family Christmas Miracle” in our annual holiday message to family and friends. Really, though, it’s two related stories that show how God loves to be involved in our lives. More »

Grace-Filled Grandparents

Many people and images come to mind as we journey through Advent: Joseph and Mary on the road to Bethlehem, the shepherds hurrying to the stable, the magi scanning the night sky for that wondrous star. But there is another set of people who played a key role in Jesus’ birth: his grandparents, Joachim and Anne. More »