The Word Among Us

Easter 2015 Issue

Publisher's Letter

Peace Be with You

For the past forty days of Lent, we have spent a lot of time reading and praying about Jesus’ passion and death. We reflected on his entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. More »


Death Is No More

What a traumatic three days Jesus’ disciples must have had! On Holy Thursday, they heard Jesus predict his death at the Last Supper. More »

Peace Be With You

Of all the ways Jesus could have greeted the apostles on Easter Sunday, he chose four simple words: “Peace be with you” (John 20:19). It can be very easy to glide over this greeting, but opening messages like this can tell us a lot. Remember, Jesus had just risen from the dead. He had just fulfilled God’s centuries-long plan of salvation. More »

Life, Family, Presence

A brief look at the Acts of the Apostles shows us that the first disciples did indeed go out and build the Church that the Holy Spirit began on Pentecost. More »

Special Feature

He Believes in Me!

It had been a long night. Fishing was usually better after dark, but all we came back with was nets clogged with seaweed. I should have been cleaning them, for the sun was up. More »

A Family Vocation

We live with such assumptions and expectations. We plot our lives and the lives of our loved ones as though we can control them. More »

Useful Information, Uplifting Inspiration

I have always enjoyed looking at maps. Even as a young boy, I loved raiding the glove compartment in my father’s car, unfolding those huge paper road atlases, and studying them intently. More »