The Word Among Us

June 2015 Issue

Pope Francis and The Gospel of Encounter

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Publisher's Letter

A Listening Church

Week after week, both at Sunday Mass and on the weekdays, I have the privilege of hearing my pastor, Fr. Guy Noonan, preach the good news—and he has a knack for being long-winded! More »


A Listening Pope

We all know that Pope Francis is very popular all around the world. A recent study by the Pew Research Center found that he is enjoying an 84-percent approval rating in Europe. Even in places that are less Christian or where he is less well-known, the pope is still popular, with 44 percent of Africans and 41 percent of Asians having a favorable impression. More »

A Poor Church for the Poor

One of the most touching stories about St. Francis of Assisi is his encounter with a leper outside the city gates. It began when he received the following message in prayer: More »

Listen, Love, Learn

If there’s one thing St. Francis of Assisi is known for, it’s his focus on brotherhood and sisterhood. Wherever he went, he called everyone his brother and sister, from the men who joined his community to the sultan of Egypt. More »

Special Feature

A Heavenly Companion

When angels appear in the Bible, they usually deliver a short message and disappear. But there’s one time when an angel comes to earth and stays awhile: in the Book of Tobit. Here, then, is a unique chance to get to know an angel. More »

Give Me Grace, O Lord

“Do you know Trevor?” the school counselor asked me one day. The way she said it gave me chills. More »

How to Multiply Your Love

“If Jesus walked into our house right now, what would he think of us?” That’s a question I often ask my five children. I love to tease them that it should only be half as hard for them to get along with each other as it was for me and my ten siblings. More »