The Word Among Us

November 2015 Issue

I Can Do All Things in Christ

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Publisher's Letter

I Can Do All Things

One day, as I was at a dog kennel, I watched a trainer deal with two dogs of the same breed. One dog was fearless. It would do anything to get those special words of praise, the pat on the head, and a treat from the trainer. I marveled as I watched it run around an obstacle course, jump over a small pond, and roll under a fence. More »


I Can Do All Things

What kind of person are you? A doer? Or a worrier? Are you confident in what you can accomplish? Or are you quick to recount your shortcomings? Some of us think that we can do almost anything. Others think we can do hardly anything. Some of us charge ahead, with little thought about the consequences, and some of us are so anxious that we can’t seem to muster up any confidence at all. More »

Conquering a Mountain of Fear

In June of 1924, at the age of thirty-eight, George Mallory—one of Britain’s greatest mountain climbers—died. Having tried and failed twice before, he was attempting yet again to reach the summit of Mount Everest when he disappeared. It wasn’t until 1999 that his frozen body was discovered by another expedition—only 2,000 feet short of the summit. More »

Special Feature

“There Is Good to Be Done—Everywhere”

Saints tend to be men and women who stand out among their peers. When Pope Francis canonized his first saint in 2013, however, he chose a man who didn’t quite fit that profile: Peter Faber (also known as Pierre Favre), one of the founders of the Jesuit order. More »

Holiness Up Close

My son Mark was only forty-six when he died suddenly two years ago. It happened in November, when the Church celebrates All Saints Day and prays for all souls—the “faithful departed” who die in friendship with God. More »

The Face of Mercy

A month from now, on December 8, Pope Francis will mark the opening of a Jubilee Year in the Church. Normally, Jubilees take place every twenty-five years—the last one was held in the year 2000 to mark a new millennium. More »