The Word Among Us

July/August 2016 Issue

Let Us Love One Another

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Publisher's Letter

A Letter from the Publisher

When St. John Paul II initiated World Youth Day in 1985, he had one overriding goal: to inspire young people to draw closer to Jesus. More »


Let Us Love One Another

In just a few weeks, something unusual will happen. Nearly two million young people from around the world will flock to Poland to see an elderly South American gentleman. More »

I Want to Believe

Some studies say it’s 60 percent; others say it’s 70 percent. Whatever the exact number, it’s not very encouraging: many young adults have stopped attending church. More »

Enter Their World

Most parents, as well as many Catholic parishes, for that matter, are still using a nineteenth-century pedagogical method to try to reach their young adult children. More »

Special Feature

Put Everything on My Shoulders

At age eight, little Bogdan Mandić knelt miserably in the center of his Catholic parish. More »

The Master Realtor

The house that had once been the site of so many happy times felt like a prison cell. I had fought hard to keep it during the divorce, hoping it would give my kids a sense of “normalcy.” It was on a large corner lot and had a finished basement—the perfect place for family or neighborhood gatherings.
More »

A God Who Calls-And Cares

When I was five years old, I dreamed that my dad had died. It felt so real to me that I was in shock, and I couldn’t stop crying. More »