The Word Among Us

October 2016 Issue

Pray and Do Not Give Up

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Publisher's Letter

A Blessing from Pope Francis

A few months ago, Patty Mitchell, the editor of our book division, and I were blessed to be part of a papal audience in Rome. More »


Standing in the Gap

Some time in the 1930s, a young Polish woman wrote in her diary about a lesson she had learned about praying for people. “Such a beautiful little soul before the Lord,” she wrote about someone, “and yet, great darkness had come over her, and she did not know how to help herself. More »

Pray, and Do Not Grow Weary

There once was a woman who prayed constantly for her husband and three children. She was the only believer in her family, and she desperately wanted everyone else to embrace the faith. One child in particular gave her more heartache than all the rest. He was very smart, and he knew it. More »

The Mystery of Intercession

Nearly 130 years ago, in March of 1887, a petty thief named Henri Pranzini brutally murdered three women in Paris. The graphic nature of the crime, coupled with the fact that one of the victims was a high-priced call girl, made the investigation a big news item throughout France. The trial took only four days, and Pranzini was found guilty and sentenced to death by guillotine. More »

Lord, Hear Our Prayer!

1. Clear the Air.
Begin your time of intercession by clearing the air. Very simply and humbly, confess your sins to the Lord. More »

Special Feature

Cheerfully! Cheerfully!

Daylight dawned in Rome, and a hooded figure cut across the alleyways from the Cathedral of St. Mary Major. He darted past buildings ravaged ten years earlier, in 1527, when the city was attacked and sacked. Now, another kind of warfare saw clashing forces battling for people’s minds and hearts. More »

Through Mary’s Eyes

For many years, I felt like a cracked pot. Although God was pouring his love into me, I had to be made whole before I could feel that love and hold it close to my heart. More »

Will You Still Follow Me?

This is a story about healing, but it’s not the simple sickness-to-health tale you might expect. In 1997, a series of medical miracles literally brought me back from the edge of death. Since then, I have shared my story with thousands of people to show them that Jesus still heals. More »