The Word Among Us

November 2016 Issue

Publisher's Letter

Open My Eyes, Lord

Most of us are in tune with our bodies and our minds. When it comes to our bodies, we generally know when we are hungry, tired, or feeling energetic. The signs are obvious. More »


Open My Eyes, Lord!

Caught between his longing for holiness and his desire for pleasure and success, a brilliant teacher sat in a garden and wrestled with a choice he felt powerless to make. The peaceful setting was a stark contrast to the turmoil raging in his heart. More »

Open My Ears, Lord!

Ellen and her daughter use identical smartphones. They purchased them together; they are the same in every way. This means that Ellen’s phone can do everything that her daughter’s can. It can send and receive phone calls, text messages, and e-mails. It can take pictures and play music. More »

Open My Heart, Lord!

We have been looking at the astounding truth that God designed us with the capability of knowing him personally and intimately. Of course, this capability is not a part of our physical makeup. It won’t show up on an x-ray or MRI scan. But even if we can’t find it this way, we can experience it at work whenever we feel God’s love and peace in our hearts. We can experience it whenever we encounter his mercy and forgiveness. More »

Special Feature

Into the Fray-Peacefully

We all know that our lives can change dramatically in an instant. Without warning, all our plans and dreams for the future can be turned upside down. This is what happened to John Fidanza, known to us as St. Bonaventure, in February 1257. More »

A Merciful Accident

It had been a stressful day at work, and all I wanted to do was relax and unwind. So I decided to go see the latest action movie that was playing at the theater down the street. A simple plot, heroic deeds, and thrilling car chases—that’s all I wanted. Little did I know as I got into my car that I would soon be involved in a real-life rescue adventure. More »

Signposts toward Sainthood

I have never felt more free in my life!” exclaimed my close friend, a widow who has experienced some crushing family difficulties in her life recently. Clearly, although she had suffered for months, she was not discouraged. If anything, her faith seemed to have grown more solid. Her joyful response to these burdens lifted my spirit too. More »