The Word Among Us

January 2017 Issue

Melt Me, Mold Me, Fill Me, Use Me

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Publisher's Letter

Make Us Holy, Lord!

Happy New Year! May this year be full of blessing for all of us and our loved ones. More »


Fill Me Lord

The signs of a new year are all around us. Even though the Church is still celebrating the Christmas season, holiday decorations are slowly disappearing. More »

Melt Me and Mold Me, Lord

There’s something amazing about the skills that sculptors demonstrate. They can take ordinary material, like a block of wood or marble, and shape it into something timeless and remarkable. All we have to do is picture Michelangelo’s Pieta or Rodin’s The Thinker to get a sense of the kind of genius that goes into these works of art. More »

Use Me, Lord

One day I picked up a man from the gutter. His body was covered with worms. I brought him to our house, and what did this man say? He did not curse. He did not blame anyone. He just said, ‘I’ve lived like an animal in the street, but I’m going to die like an angel, because now I am being loved and cared for.’ It took me and another sister three hours to clean him. Finally, the man looked up and said, ‘Sister, I’m going home to God.’ And then he died. More »

Special Feature

Paul Couturier, Apostle of Unity

It was 1923. Thousands of Russian refugees had fled to the French city of Lyon in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution. They had lost so much, but there was one thing they all held onto as they huddled in their makeshift camp: their Orthodox faith. More »

A Foretaste of Heaven

When I started working for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in 2007, I moved to a low-income district of a large city. The neighborhood was dotted with vacant houses, fast-food joints, and social-service organizations. Drug pushers loitered on corners while single moms pushing strollers waited at bus stops. This status quo tugged at my heart; I knew I wanted to be a part of God’s purposes in the city, and I knew that God loved the poor. More »

He Found Me at Home

In my culture, when a man gets married, he gives a goat to his bride’s family. It is a way of saying “thank you” for preserving the daughter’s chastity. When my older sister’s husband presented his goat to our mother at our home in Nigeria, he said, “I found your daughter at home,” which meant he knew she was a virgin. I saw this as a little girl and told myself those words would one day be repeated for me. More »