The Word Among Us

July/August 2017 Issue

Publisher's Letter

Come and Fill Me Up!

We all like the feeling of being “filled up.” Whether it means being filled with food from a wonderful meal or being filled with love for our children, we know how pleasant it is when we feel we have all that we need. More »


Filled to Overflowing

Imagine that you have just finished a very good meal. Perhaps it was at a fine restaurant, or maybe you had extra time to make something special for your family over the weekend. You push back your chair, maybe sip a cup of tea, and relax—how satisfying! More »

Lift Up Your Heart

The Book of Revelation is filled with prayers of worship, adoration, and praise. More »

Come and Fill Me Up

One night, Peter asked Jesus for permission to come to him. Jesus looked at Peter and agreed. More »

Special Feature

The Saint Who Never Retired

Bridget was in her forties. Her children were grown, and her husband had recently died. Well-off and well provided for, she could have rested and enjoyed her grandchildren. Had she lived in the twenty-first century, retirement advisers might have asked Bridget to make a list of what she wanted to do for the rest of her life: develop a new hobby, travel, learn something new, or perhaps write. More »

The Hypocrite in the Mirror

As a father, I prided myself that my kids knew what kinds of TV programs and movies they should and should not watch. But there was a time in my life when I didn’t practice what I preached. More »

My Impossible Cause

For three years, my career had been in a steady decline. Once a successful car salesman, I had been accused of the grand theft of autos—and exonerated—only to have my sales license revoked because of the false charges. More »