The Word Among Us

September 2017 Issue

Publisher's Letter

Use Me, Lord!

We all have our own favorite passages from Scripture. Some focus on God’s love for us and our call to love God and each other. Others describe the majesty and holiness of God. More »


Ordinary People, Extraordinary Love

Linda was excited when she found out that her promotion to a new division at work had been approved. Not only did she receive a pay raise, but she was going to be working for one of the most admired managers in her company. More »

Go Rebuild My House

William was lost. When he was only seven years old, his father left home with another woman. Devastated, William cried himself to sleep for three years. Over and over again, he would ask, “Why did my dad leave us? Did I do something wrong?” More »

Talk Less, Listen More

In the homily for his first Mass as the Holy Father, Pope Francis spoke about our call as Catholics to be always journeying, building, and professing Jesus Christ. More »

Special Feature

A Missionary Never Stops Working

If kryptonite was Superman’s great vulnerability, Fr. Vincent Capodanno’s was a strong attachment to orderliness and presentation. It took decades for him to let God’s will for his life supersede these habits, but as he did, God gave him more messy and rugged work to do. More »

The Slow Work of God

The first time I saw Dawn*, she was drinking beer on a dilapidated porch with a couple of men. Dawn was an expressive fast-talker in her fifties. She was missing a number of teeth, her hair was askew, and it visibly pained her to get up or walk. More »

Jump-Starting the New Evangelization

The first week of my sophomore year of college, several friends and I spent hours standing in the middle of campus wearing matching T-shirts and Hawaiian leis.
More »